Appointment Booker - Work from Home

Achieve - Buffalo, NY3.5

Achieve Test Prep is a tutoring center that prepares licensed practicing nurses (LPNs) to pass the necessary nursing requirements to become Registered Nurses (RN). You may visit to learn more.

This is a part-time to full-time, work from home position. The hours worked each week are fully at the discretion of the employee. We need calls made at from 8:30 AM to 8 PM east coast time from Monday to Sunday.

We are seeking a person with sales experience to book appointments for our admission representatives. There is no cold calling. Every potential student lead is generated by marketing that drives in the inquiry. But don’t be fooled, booking an appointment is not easy. You must still know how to qualify the customer and build value. You will receive incoming calls as well as make outbound calls. Each call is still a sales call and you will be selling the appointment. As an experienced salesperson, you should already know what we mean by that.

We offer two options for pay. We offer a base salary pay plus incentive or a full incentive package. The full incentive package allows the individual more flexibility in hours worked and also allows for a higher earning potential. The better you perform, the more you make. You are compensated an incentive for every appointment that shows. The appointment does not need to enroll, just show. If you are performing on par, you should be able to earn $23 to $28/hr.

You just need a high speed internet connection with the ability to hard-wire to your router. We provide a softphone that works right on your computer but you would need a headset.

The right candidate will be excellent with people and really have a great understanding of what motivates people to act. Any type of sales related experience would be helpful but not necessary. There are no fixed hours. You simply take as many calls as you can when they come in and make as many outgoing calls as you can at various times (whatever it takes to reach the leads).

Requirements: Only apply if you are sure you have all of the following five attributes –

1) Strong work ethic: someone that inherently always takes their job performance very seriously and clearly outperforms most of his or her coworkers.

2) Good rapport: Ability to build rapport quickly with strangers. The knack for making people immediately feel at ease even during tense situations.

3) Positive attitude: The natural tendency and desire to always have a positive impact on the people around you in the workplace.

4) Understanding people and the human mind: How and why people make decisions. You will find each phone call both challenging and rewarding as you uncover the prospective student’s needs.

5) Money-motivated – The natural internal instinct to drive oneself to not only achieve your earning goals but surpass them.