Director, New Product Development

Educational Testing Service (ETS) - Princeton, NJ3.8

Full-timeEstimated: $100,000 - $140,000 a year
Job Description:Position Summary:
The Director, New Product Development (NPD), is responsible for managing the development process of new products following a lean startup methodology and emphasizing agile approaches to development. It further emphasizes high market engagement throughout development, short sprints to address key assumptions of the product, and metered funding to explore the market and technical potential of a product concept. The Director provides expertise and assembles and leads development teams, serving as Product Owner, and working with the Product Manager to execute on the product development. New product concepts may originate from the Product Managers in the business units of ETS, represent completely new lines of business for ETS, or be based on active engagement with external organizations to meet the demand of their customers.

The Director is responsible for working with the Product Owner to establish and lead work teams drawn from across the ETS organization that are exploring new product concepts. This individual serves as Product Owner manages the team as it advances from early stage product conceptualization through later stage large-scale development and operational deployment, ensuring that early-stage product performance is consistent with expectations.

Provide expertise and experience in lean startup approaches to product development, including Design Thinking, Agile Development, Lean UX, and use this knowledge to manage product development efforts, contributing learning to the broader community of practice.
Encourage and execute on product pivots away from products that lack sufficient traction, including termination of product concepts in favor of new opportunities.
Build strong organizational partnerships with senior leaders of ETS and external organizations
Identify, approach, develop and fulfill partnership opportunities with complementary organizations in a variety of markets/fields.
Manage groups of professionals, both within the direct reporting line and assembled from across the organization, in the conceptualization, design, development and deployment of new products.
Adhere to ethical standards and comply with the laws and regulations applicable to your job function.

Required Experience:Education, Certifications, or Special Licenses:
Master’s degree or equivalent work experience; master’s degree in education, marketing, business administration or another field related to the development of new products for educational or workforce environments strongly preferred. Certifications in Agile, Lean UX, and Design Thinking preferred.

Relevant Years of Experience Required:
At least 3 years of experience in conceptualizing, developing and launching new products
At least 1 year of leadership experience

Other Requirements:
Experience assembling and managing startup teams to explore new product concepts
Proficiency in agile-based market exploration sprints and managing the execution of those sprints effectively
Understanding of how to navigate metered funding in development efforts and associated prioritization of market assumptions for confirmation
Has experience developing experiments related to problem/solution fit.
Has expertise in designing market fit tests and working with early indicator metrics to inform product concepts.
Experience with product discovery and ideation, inclusive of customer empathy mapping and identification of key must-solve market problems
Experience using forward looking metrics to lead complex products from early problem/solution fit through to market fit prototyping
Ability to identify new product opportunities based on market and customer needs
Identify organizations with complementary strengths and approach them, developing relationships leading to collaborations on new products
Strong networking ability emphasizing exploration, inquiry and exploring opportunities for joint efforts
Quickly learn the goals, challenges and needs of others, both organizational and individual
Capability to develop creative solutions to problems, presenting and honing/adapting them based on feedback
Strong market and customer value orientation
Keen sense of commercialization and need for commercial viability
Excellence in the principles and execution of lean startup product development such as Design Thinking, Agile Development, and Lean UX.
Outstanding management skills and the ability to marshal resources in a matrix environment, including executive support, to ensure success.
Excellent outreach, networking, consulting skills and ability with external organizations, markets, and product users to understand needs and to propose solutions with other organizations
Strong business development skills to manage collaborations, contract negotiations, and other outward facing activities that support the development and early commercial success of new products.
Exceptional communication skills, verbal and written, and an ability to negotiate objectives, responsibilities, and outcomes with collaborators at more senior and more junior levels, both inside ETS and in external organizations.
Experience and skills in end-to-end product development (from need identification to deployment), with an emphasis on early stage product conceptualization and market prototyping for products in education, assessment and related fields.
Strong business acumen and a motivation for successful execution.
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