Research Assistant

Saint Louis University - St. Louis, MO4.0

Full-time$14 - $15 an hour
Position Information
Position Type Staff
Requisition Number S20182366
Position Title Research Assistant
Department Orthopaedic Surgery - D218
Job Status Full-time
Recruitment Range $14.37 - 15.32
E-class Code 31 - FT Staff - Hourly Web
Pay Grade 4
Special Instructions to Applicants
Open Until Filled No
Job Category
Academic Discipline
Job Description
Position Classification Title Research Assistant
Job Summary
Under general direction, investigates biological factors contributing skeletal development, bone quality, and bone repair; executes moderately complex research and experimentation both as an assistant and independently; compiles, processes, and analyzes data; performs routine lab and equipment maintenance (e.g. cleaning glassware, tidying counter tops, and maintaining equipment), monitors safety compliance, and maintains general organization; manages rodent colonies; orders laboratory supplies; supervises and trains other lab members; may perform some editorial and clerical duties.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Personal Characteristics
General knowledge of laboratory procedures
General knowledge of the use and preparation of chemicals and reagents
Willingness to work with rodents
Desire to learn new laboratory skills
Verbal and written communication skills
Supervisory skills
Capability of working independently & as a part of a team
Interpersonal/human relation skills
Ability to follow oral and written instructions
Ability to tend to details
Ability to maintain records and inventories
Ability to operate a personal computer with various software programs like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MatLab, Image J, Adobe Pro

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelors degree (conferred by August 2018) in biology, biomedical engineering, or a related field. Broad knowledge involving laboratory techniques is desired.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Job Duty
Assists with existing research projects and plans, designs, and implements independent research projects; projects can include but not limited to the follow skills/techniques: animal breeding, genotyping, administering animal injections, assisting in animal surgeries, harvesting animal tissues and cells , cell culture, general histology (paraffin, cryo, & plastic sectioning), immunohistochemistry, in situ histology, quantitative PCR, western blots, mechanical testing of materials (3 pt bending, micro indentation, and AFM), imaging analysis (Image J, MatLab, etc), MicroCT, statistics, and other various assays; sets-up and operates various scientific apparatus such as centrifuges, incubators, various microscopes (brightfield, fluorescent, polarized light, SEM), quantitative PCR thermocycler, cryostat, spectrometer, gel electrophoresis, mechanical testing machines (traditional mechanical apparatus as well as micro-indentors and atomic force microscopy), and microC; records research procedures and results; compiles, processes, and analyzes data; files and maintains records; codes data for input for electronic data processing; inputs and retrieves data using computers.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Job Duty
Performs various clerical duties including typing, answering phones, preparing correspondence, preparing and maintaining bibliographies, and completing applications and forms.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Job Duty
Performs various editorial duties such as assisting in the writing, reviewing and editing of various materials for publication.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Job Duty
Assists with research projects; performs independent research; plans, designs and implements research projects; prepares and maintains culture media, reagents, and experimental animals; grows cultures; administers injections; performs various assays; sterilizes equipment; separates and purifies various materials and substances using such techniques as chromatography and electrophoresis; performs surgery on experimental animals; orders laboratory supplies; performs library research; prepares compounds; interprets experimental test data; performs minor equipment repairs; cuts, stains and mounts specimens.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Job Duty
Performs supervisory and training duties involving lower level employees (undergraduates, graduate students, and residents); attends and participates in meetings, conferences, and training groups.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Job Duty
Manages general lab duties such as safety compliance, ordering, budgeting, waste disposal, cleanliness, and chemical inventory.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Job Duty
Performs other duties as assigned.