Teacher Temporary Full Time

Pace School - Pittsburgh, PA (30+ days ago)4.2

Bachelors Degree in Education or related field.

Pennsylvania teaching certification in Special Education. It is the responsibility of the employee to comply with the requirements of Pennsylvania Act 48 (completion of 180 continuing professional education hours every 5 years) to maintain an active teaching certificate and completion of the required coursework to obtain his/her Instructional II Certification.(if applicable).

Knowledge and experience in the areas of state and federal special education regulation and law, instructional best practices, integration of technology into the classroom, alternative assessment strategies, social skills instruction, applied behavior analysis, and curriculum based measurement preferred.

Successful completion of all required background checks, physical (as required by the PA Dept. of Education) TB test, professional/personal reference checks and any applicable pre-employment requirements of the position.

Previous experience working with students with autism, emotional disturbances, and learning disabilities.

Dual certification in another area (elementary education, content area, etc.).

Planning and Organization

1. Writes the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for students on his/her caseload, according to procedures and timelines detailed in the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s (PDE) Chapter 14 Regulations and the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA).

2. Plans instruction to address the goals and specially designed instruction on each IEP for the students on his/her caseload.

3. Plans instruction in assigned academic area(s) (i.e., reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematics, science and technology, health, library, social skills and/or social studies) according to the developmental level of the student.

4. Prepares and submits to the Program Supervisor, as requested, weekly lesson plans that exhibit a logical scope and sequence of lessons, a connection to the students’ IEP and the PA academic standards and includes first hand and active learning experiences.

5. Uses the information gained through evaluation of student performance to modify and adapt instructional plans/practices.

6. Supports the implementation of special events, including the planning/facilitation of activities and dissemination of explanatory information, to ensure that all programming components are collaborating.


1. Implements instruction in assigned academic area(s) (i.e., reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematics, science and technology, health, library, social skills and/or social studies) according to the developmental level of the students and the PA academic standards.

2. Implements research-based instructional strategies to address the goals and specially designed instruction identified on each student’s IEP.

3. Designs and implements educational programming that is based on knowledge of an effective model of instruction: review, presentation of new material, teacher guided practice, student practice, summary/closure, and ongoing evaluation.

4. Plans and conducts community-based educational experiences (i.e., field trips, service learning projects) that support instruction and assist the student with generalization of newly acquired skills in accordance with policies and procedures of Pace School.

5. Designs and uses instructional practices that are developmentally appropriate and encourages active student engagement (i.e., project based learning, cooperative learning, peer tutoring).


1. Evaluates student performance on an ongoing basis through a variety of assessment practices (i.e., performance based, curriculum-based, criterion references).

2. Accurately maintains the computerized student information system and grading software for the students on his/her caseload within the established timelines.

3. Administers curriculum-based measurement (CBM) assessment probes in the areas of reading fluency, written expression and math, enters data into AIMSweb, the web-based application and evaluates student performance within established timelines.

4. Completes the IEP Progress Summary for each student on his/her caseload on a quarterly basis for distribution to families and school district representatives Update staff mailboxes as needed.

5. Participates in ongoing review and revision of the IEP for each student on his/her caseload within the time lines required, according to procedures detailed in the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s (PDE) Chapter 14 Regulations and the federal Individuals with Disabilities in Education Improvement Act (IDEIA).

6. Maintains familiarity with school-wide data collection procedures (i.e., reading and math achievement, use of time-out or calm down room, use of physical restraint) and utilizes data during individual supervision or team meetings to identify areas of commendation or concern and modifies programming accordingly.

7. Completes summary and documentation of information for re-evaluation reports as requested by school psychologist.


1. Works in a collaborative team model to design, implement, evaluate, and modify programming for students.

2. Communicates areas of concern and participates in problem-solving activities with colleagues across the program.

3. Actively participates in daily classroom team meetings, student case presentation (SELF) meetings, red flag meetings, multidisciplinary team meetings, and treatment review meetings for the students on his/her caseload.

4. Maintains communication with families concerning the progress of students.

5. Documents communication with families, school district representatives, and other agency personnel within the established procedures of Pace School.

6. Completes critical incident reports and other required documentation within established timelines.

7. Maintains communication with the Program Supervisor and Program Director regarding programmatic issues and needs and with outside agencies or resources, as needed.

8. Collaborates with the special area teachers and special service staff to coordinate educational programming.

9. Collaborates with classroom team members to identify and balance team and individual responsibilities.

10. Keeps others adequately informed and actively seeks information as needed.

Classroom Organization/Behavior Management

1. Implements the school wide positive behavior support plan with fidelity to provide a functional and orderly classroom environment for students.

2. Implements CHAMPS with fidelity.

3. Maintains facilities and the equipment and materials assigned and reports loss or damage to the administration.

4. Adheres to the daily schedule and master calendar as developed each school year.

5. Posts classroom rules/consequences, daily schedule, and school-wide behavior management information and student work.

6. Designs and implements behavioral support programming for students that reflects a systematic and positive approach, and is in accordance with the rules, regulations, and guidelines of PDE.

7. Maintains certification in the Physical Crisis Management system and consistently applies knowledge of crisis intervention and behavioral management such as verbal de-escalation techniques, non-confrontational limit setting, and physical restraint/management and utilizes the behavioral management program set forth by Pace School procedures.

8. Utilizes physical restraint/management techniques and procedures in accordance with Pace School policies as a last resort intervention to keep a student safe from harming him/herself or others.

9. Supervises assigned students during classroom instruction, lunch, field trips, assemblies, fire drills, dismissal, unless the supervisory responsibility has been officially assigned to another staff member.

10. Implements internal procedures related to transportation of students and milieu concerns and monitors the resolution of associated problems.

In all forums, models quality interactions/interventions that are consistent with and based on established program practices.

Maintains appropriate professional relationships with students and their families.

Maintains familiarity with "best practices" in education for the purpose of providing effective instruction and behavioral programming for students.

Maintains familiarity with Pace policies and procedures, and complies with established employment procedures.

Reflects and self-evaluates effectiveness of instruction through a variety of methods.

Meets with Supervisor for supervision minimally once per month.

Participates in professional development goal setting and annual performance evaluation with Supervisor according to established procedures and timelines as detailed in the policy.

Interacts with others in a professional manner that demonstrates understanding of trauma-informed cares.

Serves as the cooperating teacher of university student teachers as assigned.

Actively participates in continuing professional development activities. Reliable transportation will be needed to attend off site trainings or meetings as necessary.

Actively participates in, and/or serves as chair of, a school-wide Action Team that impacts school-wide programming, as assigned or requested.

Performs other duties or responsibilities as may be assigned by supervisor.


190 days

Occasional early mornings and evenings.

Available for emergencies and/or on an as-needed extra hour(s) basis.

This is a temporary position with a duration of one school year.