Jr. Application Developer

DTI - Chicago, IL (30+ days ago)3.6

Scope of Work: Category 1 - Application Services

This category includes development of computer applications and related databases using approved Cook County technologies. Application development includes legacy mainframe-based enhancements along with the development or enhancement of reports and business intelligence visualizations. The

scope of activities can range from initial development and deployment, through enhancements and/or interfaces, including ongoing support for applications.

Requirements: Respondent's key personnel must demonstrate a record of successful experience in leading the delivery of technology services such as those required by the County, excellent qualifications, technical expertise, interpersonal skills and communication skills. Please provide a detailed description of this experience, including any technical licenses or certifications. Resumes may be used.

B. Additionally, please provide narrative descriptions of at least two (2) past professional experiences and achievements relevant to the scope of this RFQ.

7.2.4 Qualifying Projects

Please describe in detail any experience in performing Information Technology Consulting and support services to public sector employers in the areas outlined in the project category for which you are applying.

Submit three (3) sample projects, be sure to include:
  • the type of project
  • type of client ( private, public)
  • the size of the project ( dollar value of contract, volume of work)
  • the period of engagement
Please indicate any previous contract with the County of Cook or other public entities of similar size for Information Technology Consulting and Support Services.