Mainframe & Java Programmer/Analyst(COBOL, DB2, CICS, Java, Swing)

Talent Merchants - Glendale, AZ

Position Summary:

Responsible for maintaining and enhancing current mainframe-based COBOL, DB2, CICS Billing system, are upgrading to a web-based, Java based system.
Participate in the full programming life cycle – requirements gathering, analysis, coding, testing, documentation, and implementation. Provide nightly production support and participate in performance monitoring and tuning for assigned applications.

Technical/Functional Expectations:
  • Business Process Analysis (15%): Act as liaison with specified user areas and confer with users to define business processes for systems application and integration.
  • Identify System Problems/Issues (15%): Conduct tests, monitor output, and enter code/command changes in order to identify and resolve system problems and issues.
  • System Documentation (5%): Develop general and detailed system design specifications and quality documentation in order to provide technical and operational instructions and information to system programmers and end users.
  • System Integration (15%): Integrate various hardware, software, networking, and other systems in order to make divergent system components work together effectively.
  • Write Software/Application Code (45%): Write, debug, diagram, create flow charts and codes, and document programs in order to develop or refine software applications that meet customer needs.
  • Other duties as required: Job performance requires fulfilling other incidental or related duties as assigned, assisting and training others, and performing duties of higher rated positions from time to time for developmental purposes.
Behavioral Competencies:
  • Develop Relationships: Able to relate with others while build credibility and rapport; give personal support and reassurance; put others at ease; build cooperative relationships.
  • Analytical Problem Resolution: Able to use systematic techniques to define problems, options, and solutions; evaluate alternative solutions; solve technical or complex problems using logic.
  • Verbal Communication: Able to clearly express ideas, information, or concerns with the spoken word; present verbal information in a straightforward manner; ask questions in order to open channels of communication; listen to understand perspective of others.
  • Integrity: Able to demonstrate consistency of words and actions; protect confidential information; do what is right even when no one is watching; demonstrate sound business ethics; consistently comply with organizational values.
  • Versatility: Able to take on new or multiple roles and responsibilities and do them well; be flexible when considering options or opinions; be open to new ideas and change.
  • Team Work: Able to cooperate to build consensus; able to assist others to achieve team goals; participate in meetings so they are productive; take on extra work to meet team objectives.
  • Adaptability: Able to adjust approach when dealing with arrogant or inflexible people; adapt to changes in situation, direction, or people; adjust to needs of others without losing self-esteem.
  • Patience: Able to allow others to learn or make mistakes without negative reaction; wait for others to understand, learn, or catch up; hear people out before forming a response; take time to work through obstacles.
  • Problem Solving: Able to exercise judgment in building realistic solutions to problems; understand the real issues behind problems; use common sense and take practical action to solve problems.
Business Experience:
  • MVS Systems knowledge: Minimum 5 years experience programming in a MVS environment.
  • Development in Business application software: The position involves supporting insurance business processes, and specifically Billing and Claims applications.
  • Communications: Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Educational Requirements:
  • BA/BS - Bachelors Degree or equivalent work experience in IT
  • High degree of proficiency in COBOL, CICS and other mainframe-based tools
  • Database knowledge of DB2 and SQL Server
  • Expertise in programming in JAVA, SWING, JSP, and HTML

Physical Requirements: Will require travel between Arizona and California


For more information please submit resume or contact:

Samuel Merchant