Security Administrator, Staff - PR 1460

PESystems, Inc. - Hanscom AFB, MA

Full-timeEstimated: $70,000 - $97,000 a year
The Contractor shall support internal and external briefings and reports by applying knowledge, experience and capability in the management of acquisition, physical, personnel, and documentation security pertaining to Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and Special Access Program Facilities (SAPF). The contractor shall support and report through the base Special SecurityOfficer (SSO). Provide knowledge and experience to support the execution of all aspects of program security throughout or in support of a program's life cycle. This includes, but is not limited to, working with Government and program prime and subcontractor personnel to create a secure environment through development of sound security practices and policies regarding acquisition, physical, personnel, and documentation security. In providing Security management and support services, the contractor as a team member or independently must have knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience in performing all tasks defined below, outlined by the requirements of the position and are not limited to:

Analyze and evaluate AFLCMC business and management practices, policies, and processes. Recommend and design strategies to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of AFLCMC security processes through policy, procedural, or cultural changes. Develop and perform strategic planning reports and recommendations. The Contractor shall assist with technical security services relative to the development, acquisition, and sustainment of AFLCMC controlled areas, weapon systems, subsystems, and associated support systems. The Contractor shall assist with implementation of Information, Personnel, Physical, Industrial, and Communications Security; Resource Protection, Force Protection, and Anti- Terrorism programs, ICD 703 experience. The Contractor shall support development and implementation of common cybersecurity guidance.
Provide knowledge and experience in the development of SCIF/SAPF certifications, System Security Management Plans, Program Protection Plans (PPPs), Security Risk Analyses, Operations Security (OPSEC) Plans, Computer Certification and Accreditation, Security Vulnerability and Countermeasures Analyses, Security Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), DD 254 review and other security engineering-related documents identified in Military Standard (MIL-STD) 1785, Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 5000.2, Air Force Sup 1, and DoDI 8510.01. Coordinating with Intelligence Community (IC) and outside agencies in the performance and success of security management.
Special Access Program (SAP) developmental planning and security management supporting implementation of policies and developing/maintaining local standard operating procedures for SAP/SCI activities as defined in DOD, Air Force, and lower level SAP, SCI and Collateral security guidance, and ensure adherence to applicable regulations. When issues arise with individuals adhering to established policies, contractor shall notify the government security lead. Ensure local procedures cover visitor control program, reproduction and destruction, transmission, safeguarding, marking, accountability of classified material, and other SAP/SCI facility/program administrative requirements. Implement procedures for facility/program and advise government and program management personnel of issues and makes recommendations on corrective actions.
Establish and maintain approved SAP/SCI Facility. Advise on construction requirements, prepare fixed facility checklists, and prepare accreditation requests for government processing. Monitor requirements, processes requests for updates, and ensures accreditations/approvals remain current. Provide daily oversight of special access facility security administration and management as required. Analyze processes and provides recommendations for implementation/improvement to government security and program management personnel.
Assist in obtaining and maintaining facility accreditation under direction of SSO, PSO, Site Security Manager and government personnel. Includes assisting in the development of development of Construction Security Plan, standard operating procedures, fixed facility checklists, requests for approvals and documentation required for SCI/SAP facility operations per established DoD and Intelligence community guidance. Assist with developing facility security status reports.
Ensure identified personnel meet established requirements for SCI/SAP. Establish and maintain Central adjudication Facility Network (CAFNET) and Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) accounts to administer personnel access to SAP/SCI data. Track, report and update Security Information & Management Systems (SIMS) as required. Advise on implementation of SAP/SCI information management system procedures for development planning activities. Ensure proper integration of established security processes/procedures with information management system procedures to facilitate the control of requisite information with the facility. Ensure adherence to special communications capabilities within the SAP/SCI Facility. Assist with the establishment and management of COMSEC account for facility activities/programs.
Support development and participate in the government's in-house and web-based security tracking and training programs. Provide support in developing and conducting a complete SAP/SCI security education and training program, ensuring personnel are properly briefed. Implement SAP/SCI facility/program specific training program as required. Support preparation for facility surveys and inspections. Maintain records of all inspections. Assist with development of corrective action plans and ensure corrective action is completed as required. Maintain required personnel security files as required. Serve as an alternate Top Secret Control Officer. Conduct entry/exit searches as required per established guidance.
Establish and maintain approved Special Access Program Facility in support of Anti-Tamper activities IAW JAFAN 6/9. Advise on construction requirements, prepare fixed facility checklists, and prepare accreditation requests for government processing. Monitor requirements, processes requests for updates, and ensures accreditations/approvals remain current. Provide daily oversight of special access facility security administration and management. Analyze processes and provides recommendations for.
Assist with establishing/facilitating the System Security Working Group (SSWG), or other security-related Integrated Product Teams (IPTs), for the preparation of program security standards. Develop working group minutes, distribute, and ensure all applicable documentation is properly coordinated/maintained. Support the development of security requirements into contractual documentation to include specific security requirements in Statements of Work/Statements of Objectives, Requests for Proposals, and Contract Data Requirements Lists, for development planning project contracts. Assist development planning teams with designing cost-effective approaches for integrating security requirements into USAF system task orders. Facilitate the identification of critical program information, resources, and systems and recommend protection measures for such information.
Establish and maintain approved Special Compartmented Information (SCI) IAW established SCI guidance. Support preparation for SCI and SAP inspections. Maintain records of all inspections. Assist with development of corrective action plans and ensure corrective action is completed as required. Assist site security manager or base SSO in the areas of information, industrial operations (OPSEC), personnel and physical security programs as outlined in the DoD, Air Force, internal operating instructions and other applicable collateral and SCI guidance.
Database/Classified Holdings. Maintaining databases that reflect receipt, storage, inventory, and disposition of classified information to include data entry, personnel, updates, and generation of reports. Participating in audits of Government classified holdings to ensure proper accountability.
Maintaining databases of classified visits and clearance levels. Storage of classified information. Performing inspection, inventory, logging, storage, documentation, transmittal, and internal distribution of classified information received. Security Classification/Declassification Guide (SC/DG) Compliance. Evaluating Contractor classified data submittals for compliance with the appropriate SC/DG. Providing security inspection and protection to areas where classified information is being stored and designing and establishing security procedures and policies. Administratively assist with the coordination of DD Form 254, DoD Contract Security Classification Specification and other security requirements/documentation in support of AFLCMC/ AFMC activities.
Follows policies and procedures as described in corporate manuals and directives.
Attends work each day during scheduled work hours unless on approved travel or time off.
Performs occasional travel to contractor and customer sites, as required (see WORKING CONDITIONS below).
Works flexible hours, including occasional overtime.
Carry’s out other duties as may be assigned or requested.
Submits monthly status reports and other information as requested
Complies with requirements of the contract’s Visitor Group Security Agreement (VGSA).
Prepares CDRL inputs including the Task Order’s Monthly Status Report.
Completes required Government and PESystems training and certifications.

Perform occasional travel to contractor and customer sites, as required.
Work is performed indoors with some potential risks to safety and health hazards related to electronics.

JOURNEYMAN: A Journeyman labor category has a minimum of five years of experience performing full time DoD Security functions or a Bachelor’s degree plus three years of full time security functions. A Journeyman labor category typically performs all functional duties independently.

Must possess a government security clearance at the required level.
Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook, Word, Excel) and other standard (Customer specified) applications.
Must be able to transport self to various facility sites, as required. If using own motor vehicle, must possess a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Physical Skills and Abilities:
May require lifting up to 25 pounds.
Requires visual acuity to use a keyboard and monitor.

PESystems, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for Employment without regard to race/ethnicity, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, marital status and disability (including physical or mental disability as well as pregnancy) veteran status or any other status protected by Federal State or local law.