Athletic Facilities Manager

Air Force Nonappropriated Fund (AFNAF) Services Career Program - USAF Academy, CO3.6


PAY/ HR: $33.00-43.00 TBD by experience

APPOINTMENT TYPE: (x) Regular Full Time

PAY GRADE: NF-05664-04

WHO MAY APPLY: (x) All sources


Responsible for all aspects of directing and managing athletic department controlled facilities in direct support of athletics mission of physical education, fitness training and testing, intramural sports, and intercollegiate athletics.

Oversees the day-to-day operations and scheduling of the Cadet Field House, Cadet Gymnasium, Falcon Athletic Center,

Holaday Athletic Center, and Falcon Stadium with a total of approximately 1 million sq. ft. of facility space. Plus, 150 acres athletic complex that includes Soccer Stadium, Baseball Stadium, Lacrosse Stadium, and Outdoor Track and Field complex. Monitors facility scheduling, maintenance, and operations.

Conducts and chairs meetings involving relevant facility issue. Approves, coordinates, prioritizes, and monitors all work orders with Athletic Department controlled facilities.

Monitors performance quality for numerous contracts to include Civil Engineer facility maintenance, pool maintenance, and the USAFA/A4 Cadet Support Contract.

Documents, reports, and tracks performance deficiencies and work with support organizations to develop/implement corrective action plans.

Provides input, reviews and coordinates Performance Work Statements (PWS) for service contracts support all Athletic Department Facilities.

Contracts include Civil Engineer Facilities Maintenance, Ice Rink Maintenance, Athletic Supply, Equipment Repair, Welding, Grounds Maintenance, Janitorial Services Refuse Collection, Elevator Maintenance, Pool Maintenance, and the USAFA/A4 Cadre Support Contract.

Serves as the Athletic Department representative and expert on the project management team for current Athletic Department projects to include: $ 29M Phase I of the Cadet Field House, $3.5M Falcon Stadium Elevator project, $250K Cadet Fencing Gym renovation, and the $450K Holaday Athletic Training facility renovation.

Planning and programming representative for future Athletic Department projects to include: Phase II $30M Cadet Field House, $1M Falcon Stadium visiting team and officials locker room renovation, $5M Falcon Stadium restroom renovation, $10M Cadet Gymnasium repair and renovation, and $12M Falcon’s Nest renovation in the Field House.

Project management role further encompasses consolidating requests for facilities renovation and modification, guiding research and development, and prioritization.

Meets with key department leadership and staff on renovations, modifications, and enhancements. Prepares presentation for senior leadership on status of current facilities projects and future projects.



Minimum of three (3) years of involvement serving on multi-million dollar construction, renovation, sustainment, and maintenance project management teams.

Knowledge and understanding of facility management and day-to day operations within venues, grounds etc. at the NCAA Division One Level.

Project management knowledge should include consolidating requests for facilities renovation and modification, guiding research and development, and prioritization.

Minimum of three (3) years of proficiency with input, review, and coordination of Performance Work Statements (PWS) for service support contacts. Understanding of facility scheduling, maintenance, and operations. Prior experience approving, coordinating, prioritizing, and monitoring work orders within Government facilities.

Ability to analyze, evaluate, and implement policies and program goals and to assess. Appreciation and familiarity of the dynamics and high-paced environment of an athletic department at the NCAA Division I level to include physical education and intramurals.

Prior experience with computer and software platforms and industry-standard inventory systems. Experience should include the ability to lead meetings involving relevant facility issue, along with preparing and presenting oral and written presentations for senior leadership.

Proficient with software programs Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point, along with facility work order submission, approval, and tracking. Knowledge of NCAA by laws pertaining to facilities and game management.

Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.

Must have a valid state driver’s license and the ability to obtain, if required, a government driver’s license necessary to drive a ¼ ton truck.

Must have the manual dexterity to drive. May be required to stand and walk for long periods of time during events.

Must be able to work an uncommon tour of duty including possible holidays and weekends if necessary

A Local Files Check (LFC) is required.

Must be able satisfactorily complete Tier 1 Background check are required.


1. You are responsible for uploading any documentation that supports your experience, and/or educational background. If you fail to include prior duties performed in either your profile section or resume, your application will be considered incomplete and you will not be considered for this position. We are not responsible for employment ineligibilities based on missing information or lack of documentation.

2. Applicant claiming Military Spouse, Transitional or Veteran’s Hiring Preference must attach required documents to be considered. Reference the Preferences Tab above for required documents.

3. All Federal NAF employees are required by PL 104-134 to have salary payments made by electronic funds transfer/direct deposit.

4. Internal NAF applicants pay may be set according to applicable pay setting rules.

5. For current appropriated fund (APF) employees, portability pay setting rules apply (REF: AFMAN 34-310, NAF Personnel Program Management and Administration Procedures, para

6. “Any Individual who was required to register with Selective Service and who is not registered or knowingly and willfully did not register before the requirement terminated or became inapplicable, will not be appointed”