Choir Accompanist

Douglas County School District - Douglas County, CO3.8

Full-time$16 an hour
Provides piano accompaniment and assistance to music teachers in working with students, performs clerical tasks and other functions. Develops and promotes good community relations among various community and school clientele.

Essential Physical Requirements:
  • Occasional lifting five (5) to fifty (50) pounds
  • Frequent bending, stooping, walking, standing, kneeling, crawling, squatting, reaching, sitting
Position Specific Information (if Applicable):
This position is currently 10 hours a week. Please upload resume when applying.

  • Lead choral warm ups and sight reading exercises.
  • Assist teacher with classroom management; help assess students when substitute teachers are present.
  • May chaperone students in special events outside of school.
  • Assist with preparation of lesson plans and classroom materials, manage music library.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned or requested.
  • Assist in the training of sectional leaders.
  • Perform preparation for concerts, including coordinating guest performers, stage setup, creating programs.
  • May attend choir meetings as needed.
  • May conduct sectional rehearsals, including playing and teaching individual parts.
  • Provide piano accompaniment to music department for classes, concerts, rehearsals, and festivals.
  • Provide clerical support to music department, including record keeping, composing correspondence, collecting fees, issuing receipts, and general clerical duties.
High School or Equivalent: Music (Required)

Position Type:

Primary Location:

One Year Only (Yes or No):

Minimum Starting Rate:
(Based off a full-time FTE; if applicable, part time salaries will be prorated)

$15.50 USD Hourly

Maximum Starting Rate:
(Based off a full-time FTE; if applicable, part time salaries will be prorated)

$19.55 USD Hourly

Scheduled Hours Per Week:


Approx Scheduled Days Per Year:
(260 days indicates a year-round position. Time off [or Off-Track Days] are then granted based on the position. Any exceptions to the normal off-track time will be noted in the Additional Position Details section above, as scheduled work days.)

176 Work Days

Closing Date (Ongoing if No Date Specified):
Please note that the posting will be closed as of 12:01 am on the day specified (if applicable).