Personal Care Assistant(PCA)**EVENING-M-F3P-8P,CPR

Caprock Home Health Services - Wylie, TX3.4

30+ days agoPart-time

General Summary:

Performs personal assistance service tasks as assigned under a client’s individual plan of care, and no other tasks. Assists the client with the performance of activities of daily living and household tasks necessary to promote independence and quality of life and to maintain the client in a clean, sanitary and safe environment.

  • Assists clients in the activities of daily living and helping clients with personal hygiene requirements.
  • Provides assistance and/or standby assistance to clients as they perform activities for support, help and protection from harm.
  • Performs all duties as listed on the detailed task assignment plan.
  • Reports all significant changes in client’s circumstances to the immediate supervisor within twenty-four (24) hours of awareness of occurrence or by the next working day.
  • Reports emergency/life-endangering situations to client’s family, physician, and/or health officials as soon as possible but no later than one (1) hour after time of awareness.
  • Responsible for conscientiously watching for safety hazards and acting immediately to remove the risk of danger while on duty.
  • Responsible for accurately recording time worked using the Electronic Visit Verification system.
  • Responsible for knowing, verifying, and working the authorized hours for each client scheduled.
  • DOES NOT administer medications to the client during working hours if not delegated to do so by the RN supervisor.
  • Performs all assigned tasks in compliance with the agency’s policies, rules or procedures.
  • Follows all HIPAA Rules and Regulations with regard to patient privacy and confidentiality.

Job Skills and Abilities:

Reads, understands and follows all agency policies relevant to direct care services. Performs all authorized personal care tasks listed on the Personal Assistance Services plan of care after orientation to the client and the task. Is able to understand the EVV system, record time accurately, and notify supervisor of problems encountered with the system immediately. Understands and is able to follow the regulations and policies that apply to the provision of personal assistance services under all programs in the State of Texas.



Must pass a criminal background check and not be included on the Employee Misconduct Registry for the State of Texas. Must be compassionate and caring, have good control of emotions, and demonstrate respect and concern for the elderly and disabled. Caprock Home Health Services, Inc Position Description


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be neither legal nor foster parents of minor children who receive services.
  • Not spouses of clients (not applicable to family care)
  • Dependable and trust worthy and provides appropriate behavior to the client’s condition and age.
  • Must be able to perform all tasks authorized under a client’s individual plan of care.
  • Able to operate washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, stove, and other household appliances safely and correctly.
  • Must be able to understand hazard symbols and use products appropriately to safeguard the client’s personal safety and property, and to protect the attendant’s safety.


Must be physically able to perform all personal care tasks listed on a personal assistance services plan of care for programs in the state of Texas. Must be able to lift 50 pounds, and assist in supporting the weight of various clients up to 200 pounds during transfer or various processes including bathing assistance, toileting assistance, changing of linens, positioning of clients, assistance with ambulation, etc. Must be able to bend and straighten safely to pick things up and clean, to move small items of furniture as needed, and to navigate various surfaces in a home. Must be able to climb stairs Must be able to lift and carry household items, laundry and laundry baskets, food trays, adaptive aids, etc Must have the sensory ability to see, smell and feel to assess cleanliness. Must be able to tolerate various smells. Must be able to see smell, feel and hear well enough to understand the client, address the client’s needs and preferences, identify unsafe conditions and symptoms of distress, and provide a safe environment for the client. Must be able to feel heat or cold for the comfort and safety of the client’s environment and to assess the appropriate temperature for food, drinks, and bath water. Must be able to travel to the client’s home independently. Must be able to use household tools for cleaning, meal preparation, and laundry. Must be able to sequence activities and organize items. Must be able to understand and follow instructions, use an electronic verification system, tell time, follow a schedule, and meet deadlines.

Education training and professional credentials:

Orientation and competency with regard to the tasks assigned for the client.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $9.95 /hour


  • High school (Required)


  • Wylie, TX (Required)


  • Driver's License (Required)