Baltimore County HS - Health Coordinator

Y of Central Maryland - Perry Hall, MD3.4

This position serves as a Health Coordinator for a Head Start program. The Health Coordinator is responsible for the overall management of Child Health and Child Nutrition services and outcomes for every enrolled Head Start child. The Health & Nutrition Coordinator is responsible for planning and collaboration with other coordinators and staff in the Head Start program to ensure overall health and well-being of all children in the Head Start program.

The Health Coordinator will ultimately be evaluated on a combination of skills, dispositions and behaviors, some of which are related to the specific service area of this position and others that represent general expectations of all our program employees.

Health & Nutrition Services: Uses knowledge of the principles of health education and nutrition education services to manage and collaborate with related service areas, and communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

Defines, assesses, and understands the health and nutrition status of children and families, determinants of health and illness, factors contributing to health promotion and disease prevention, and factors influencing the use of health services.
Communicates with families and staff to build their understanding of health requirements and their role in supporting children's health. Work with the Nutrition Consultant to coordinate communication with parents and staff to build their understanding of nutrition requirements and their role in supporting children’s nutrition.
Articulates a systems perspective on issues of mental and physical health, cultural and linguistic diversity, family dynamics, and the significance of socio-cultural and political contexts for development and learning.
Works with Family & Community Partnerships Coordinator to develop community partnerships to link people to needed personal health services and assure the provision of health care.

The Health Coordinator’s responsibilities chiefly fall under the following core functions, although s/he may perform other tasks as needed:

Ongoing Monitoring and Record-Keeping
Parent Involvement
Health Education
Community Partnerships
Service Coordination

Responsible for the overall planning, administration, and implementation of the medical, nutrition and dental components.
Develop timeline for 45 day Nutritional intake and review of child files and coordination of individualized parent consultations with Nutrition Consultant.
Serves as health planner; prepares written health plan, health budget and written reports that are to be submitted monthly.
Plan the overall child nutrition approach with the Head Start Director, Early Childhood Development Coordinator & Nutrition Consultant.
Assists the Program Director of Health & Family Services in facilitating the organization of the Health Service Advisory Committee and utilizes the committee in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the health component.
Identifies and utilizes state and local resources for the health program.
Develops the staff team approach to the delivery of health services to Head Start children.
Ensures mechanisms are in place that supports communication among staff, parents, and community providers to assure follow-up services are received.
Establishes effective health emergency procedures, including methods for handling suspected or known child abuse; conditions for short-term exclusion and admittance; medication administration procedures; injury prevention measures; and hygiene procedures.
Works with Family and Health Services Director to secure Health Consultant.
Participates in Management meetings, ISAR, SARP, MBO meetings, as requested.

Provides monthly statistical data to Program Director of Health & Family Services in form of a monthly report on last Friday of each month.
Ensure all medication administration, allergy/asthma/seizure action plans are current and authorized by physician, with appropriate signatures.
Ensure all children, with special dietary needs, allergic/intolerances, etc; are documented and updated on a regular basis.
Ensure all first aid kits are stocked appropriately.
Ensure all child medications are stored appropriately and correspond with medication administration plan.
Participates in the program’s quarterly self-assessment, community assessment, and prepare input for PIR, as requested.
Work with Data and Outcomes Coordinator to compile and analyze data on the effectiveness of the health service component.
Tracks the provision of all child health and developmental services and ensure that follow-up services are received in a timely manner.
Implements a comprehensive system of services for preventing health problems, and intervening promptly when they do exist.
Work with Family Advocates to ensure timely entrance of children to the Head Start program, ensures all 45/90 day screenings are completed on time.
Ensures all confidentiality requirements are met and those who need information can access it.
Responds to requests (phone, e-mail and written) from staff related to child health needs/concerns.
Ensures that developmental screening plays a role in child development and health services planning for children.

Promotes, in conjunction with other Head Start staff, active parent involvement in the total Head Start Health Program; for example, parent as members of the Health Advisory Committee.
Assists the family in assuming the primary responsibility for their own health care.
Ensure families, of children with special dietary needs, receive individualized consultation with Nutrition Consultant.
Assist Family Advocates in linking the child/ family into an ongoing health system. Ensures that parents are involved as full partners in prevention and early intervention.
Ensures that children and families are linked to an ongoing source of continuous, accessible health care; (“Medical Home”) children are kept up to date on a schedule of well-child care that includes immunizations, and all time frames are met.
Works with families, family advocates, and health care professionals to ensure all known issues are in treatment and, once treatment has begun, that it is completed.
Interprets the medical functional diagnosis to the teachers and parents; assures that the education program meets child’s needs.

Integrates health and nutrition education into the total Head Start program and helps to provide health education for parent staff and children.
Participates in in-service and pre-service trainings.
Promotes environmental health and safety practices.
Designs and delivers health and nutrition-related training to parents and staff.
Ensures that the health and safety and overall nutrition of children is assured through teaching children and parents preventive health and nutrition practices.
Assist in training/certification of Pediatric CPR and First Aid for staff.
Work with the Nutrition Consultant to provide ongoing parenting education related to child and family nutrition.
Assist in the development and distribution of written and web based materials for children, adults and employees within the areas of: personal health, fitness, safety, nutrition and preventive health education.
Track and submit In-Kind documentation on a monthly basis, as needed.

Assists in coordinating Health Advisory Committee meetings to ensure the health program is responsive to community needs.
Serves as a liaison to the health community, for example, groups serving children with disabilities.
Serves as an advocate for child health.
Assist in contracting for consultants.
Develops partnerships with outside agencies to better meet health needs of children and families in Head Start.

Participate actively in regular leadership team meetings and case conferences, as necessary, to ensure service coordination across Head Start program.
Works cooperatively with Family Services to ensure the provision of health services to Head Start children and families.
Work to ensure annual approval of Health Service Area plan by policy council, ensuring appropriate policy council involvement in curriculum and assessment decisions.
Lead for the good of the entire organization, understand the big picture and use it as framework to make decisions.
Make decisions in an ethical, timely and efficient manner in consideration of the center’s mission, understand what information is needed to make high quality decisions, engage stake holders, and ensure decisions are made that support program quality and maintain program accountability.
Manage change effectively by demonstrating support for innovation and for organizational changes needed to improve quality and effectiveness, by initiating, sponsoring and implementing organizational change and by helping others to successfully manage organizational change.
Attend local, state and regional initiatives to represent the center and to develop professionally.
Promote consistent exchange of information and a cooperative environment within the leadership of the center.
Attend parent committees, policy council and board of director meetings as requested.

Participate in staff meetings, conferences, training sessions and workshops as assigned.
Maintain confidentiality in regards to staff and family information.
Fulfill role as mandated reporter as stated in Child Abuse and Neglect Policy.
Perform any other work-related duties as requested by your supervisor.
Be present at work in order to provide consistency of services.
Be a contributory team member in a positive/productive manner.
Demonstrate commitment to mission, values, and policies in the performance of daily duties.

Required Skills
Pass physical examination, background check, and fingerprinting screen.
Able to lift a child weighing 40 pounds, 20 times a day if needed.
Basic computer literacy in email, word processing and internet navigation.
Maintain certification in CPR and First Aid.

Required Experience
Training and Experience in public health, nursing, health education, maternal and child health, or health administration.
RN or LPN preferred
Early Head Start, Head Start experience preferred