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The skilled Cytologist examines human cell samples under the microscope looking for early signs of cancer and other diseases. The Cytologist processes and examines Cytologic smears for malignant cells, normal cells and micro organisms, and issues the final report on specimens that contain normal cells. When abnormal cells are present, the Cytologist works with a Pathologist to arrive at a final diagnosis. The Cytologist works with little supervision.


Must have a Bachelors degree with a strong science/math/computer science background; as well as successful completion of 12 month CAHEA accredited Cytotechnolgy program.
Must be American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASC) registered.


This work requires the incumbent have relatively good eyesight for looking through the microscope to determine results.
Must be able to work independently while still maintaining a high level of accuracy of findings.
Must be patient and precise and be comfortable with making decisions and taking responsibility for his/her findings, since findings will directly affect a patient’s course of treatment.

Disclaimer: Job descriptions are not intended, nor should they be construed to be, exhaustive lists of all responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with the job. They are intended to be accurate reflections of the principal duties and responsibilities of this position. These responsibilities and competencies listed below may change from time to time.

Job-Specific Competency
1. Processes Cytologic smears, verifying the identification of specimen, verifying the adequacy of specimen, troubleshoot any problem regarding processing, staining and cover slipping.

Exceeds- Less than 1% errors noted after final sign out.

2. Screens Cytologic preparations successfully identifying abnormal cells, parasites, and viral changes.

Exceeds- Exceeds QC standards by 2%

3. Make Cytolgic Interpretation using clinical data of patient and compare to microscopic findings

Exceeds- Exceeds QC standards by 2%

4. Write a final report using recognized Cytopathologic/ Histopathologic terminology for Gynecological cell samples which are normal.

Exceeds- Exceeds QC standards by 2%

5. Convey information to those professionals directly responsible for patient care so they understand.

Exceeds- No complaints regarding conveying information to professions

6. Examines and conveys preliminary interpretation of specimens from other sites such as: lung, bladder, body cavities, central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, lymph nodes, thyroid, salivary glands, and breast.

Exceeds- Less than 1% errors with history and preliminary interpretation when conveyed to Pathologist.

7. Work independently, providing a definitive diagnosis in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Exceeds- Consistently achieves the maximum slide per hour standard more then 90% of the time.

8. Maintains all equipment in optimal operating condition.

Exceeds- Cannot be exceeded

9. Follow all Hospital and Laboratory policies concerning safety infection control and universal precautions.

Exceeds- Leads laboratory in safety training, take role as safety officer.

10. Performs Quality Control in accordance with section standards.

Exceeds- Exceeds QC standards by 2%

11. Maintains proficiency by involvement in continuing education programs and attendance at Cytology meetings.

Exceeds- Attends two or more meetings plus/or participated in at least six online workshops per year.

12. Provides data entry functions as they pertain to Cytology Specimens.

Exceeds- No more then 1% input errors per year.