Kindergarten Teacher

Beta Academy - Houston, TX

Instruction & Scholar Achievement:
Teach scholars the importance of hard work through joyful rigor -engaging, dynamic learning that is academically, intellectually and personally challenging.
Implement the three BA non-negotiable instructional methods: Whole Brain Teaching, Interactive Scholar Notebooks, and Hands-On Learning.
Understand that classroom observational feedback/scores will emphasize the successful implementation of the above teaching methods.
Foster a love of learning and celebrates scholar successes.
Challenge scholars to reach their highest potential.
Model and promote BA character traits to scholars and stress the importance of each scholar being a responsible, contributing citizen to society. I will recognize and reward scholars for displaying BA character traits and uphold zero tolerance for bullying and disrespect.
Implement the technology and software programs provided by BA, Operating and using technology for optimum results. I will ensure scholars also know how to operate and use technology and software provided.
Monitor and assess scholars’ daily work to reflect excellence in neatness, thoroughness and scholar mastery of instructional goals. I will ensure scholars do their best in every subject and use neat legible handwriting on assignments. Anything but a scholars BEST is unacceptable.
Take ownership of tutorials and apply the same standards as above.
Take ownership of STAAR boot camps for grades 3-8 by assisting the homeroom teacher during their designated STAAR boot camp week.

Management & Organizations:
Encourage class attendance with recognition, rewards, parent communication, and maintain 97% ADA.
Implement classroom rules/procedures (including consequences) and follow school drills and sub protocol procedures in accordance with the Parent/Scholar Handbook and utilize the Handbook as a first point of reference.
Maintain a neat, clean, orderly, and educationally-centered environment that demonstrates BA standards of excellence. BA teachers take ownership of the campus and instill this in scholars daily.
Perform a daily uniform check and understand scholars are expected to follow the BA appearance guidelines.
Follow attendance-taking procedures and use TxEIS software to ensure timely reporting.
Ensure scholar folders/files such as diagnostic tests, intervention plans, benchmarks, class exams, communication logs, report cards and grading portal are updated timely, accurately, and in accordance with BA standard of excellence.

Professionalism & Communication:
Demonstrate professionalism by being in regular attendance and arriving on time to work, staff meetings, tutorials, cafeteria duty, parent nights and other assigned duties.
Complete required training on time.
Work cooperatively to create an atmosphere of unity among the school community and refrain from gossip, negativity and unsupportive comments.
Demonstrate professionalism at ALL times. I will exercise wisdom by remaining calm, respectful and non-defensive during parent meetings, disagreements, and personal attacks.
Utilize professional communication with strong grammar, syntax, usage and/or spelling skills during phone conversations, personal conversations, emails, and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I will refrain from attacking others, fighting, or engaging in controversial subjects on social media. I will use professional communication on and off campus, refraining from attacking others, fighting, or engaging in controversial subjects on social media. Professional communication is used on and off campus.
Exhibit professionalism in appearance and follow the BA standard of dress. I will apply this standard of dress to social media posts in regards to modesty in dress and action (ex: swimsuit, cleavage, & shirtless pictures, in addition to post with alcohol, cigarettes and bars etc.).
Regularly communicate to parents about scholar achievement levels, class behavior, assigned homework, academic needs, and any concerns.
Share information regarding school calendar, planned school activities, field trips, money collection, and other events within the classroom and school that are imperative and time sensitive to the parents of the classroom.
Check staff email a minimum of three times daily during normal working hours and check teacher in-box daily and commit to read updates, notes, and employee notices in a timely manner.
Summer In-Service

All Kindergarten teachers must commit to teaching Kindergarten Round-up for one 8-hour day in the month of July. Please see the administration to acquire the available days.

Other duties/ responsibilities:
As a Beta Academy team member, you must be able and willing to participate in all dance/ stomp productions throughout the academic school year.