Lottery Video Technical Support Specialist 1

State of West Virginia - Kanawha County, WV (30+ days ago)3.4

Continuous Recruitment, OPEN UNTIL FILLED: The Lottery Commission has a vacancy for a Lottery Video Technical Support Specialist 1. This position will be advertised until filled and may be closed at any time.

Located at Lottery Headquarters in Charleston, WV. This position will be evening, and/or midnight shift. Under general supervision, this position will provide technical support over the telephone with end users such as racetrack personnel, Limited Video Lottery Retailers, Limited Video Lottery Operators, Video Lottery Audit Staff, and Video Lottery Security Staff on Video Lottery machine hardware and software problems that occur in the field. Performs the first level of problem determination with the objective of resolving as many problems as soon as possible. Directs the calls to appropriate technical staff when first level fails. Answers questions regarding Video Lottery installations, setups, error messages, status, system procedures, on-line transactions, system status, and downtime. Will be responsible for monitoring a Scientific Games Aegis Central Management System for statewide gaming programs. Must complete nightly processing on Lottery's Internal Control System for the lottery on-line drawings using an IBM RS6000 system.

Preference will be given to those with knowledge of Windows 2008, Unix operating systems, Linux, or SQL database.

Overtime as needed and holiday work will be required. Travel will be required when operating out of a hot-site. Must have good communication skills. Applicant are subject to an extensive background investigation by the WV Lottery Security Division. No person shall be appointed, employed or continue to serve in any position or employment with the Commission who has been convicted of any violation of the lottery law, or of any felony or any crime related to theft or gambling or involving moral turpitude. The commission shall remove or discharge any person so convicted. The selected applicant shall have a six month probationary period and be Certified Permanent after successfully completing the probationary period.

Click The APPLY Link Above To Apply Online. Do not use a paper application unless you cannot apply online. If you must use a paper application due to disability or other valid reason, please call our office (304) 558-3950 (8:30am-4:30pm) for special instructions.

IMPORTANT: Your eligible score will be based on information provided in your application; therefore, make sure your application is detailed and complete. You may attach a resume and other documents; however, you should NEVER enter "See Resume" on the application. You MUST complete ALL parts of the application, including the Work Experience section. NOTE: Jobs on your application that do not have a salary amount will be considered volunteer and will NOT be counted as qualifying. Estimate salary if necessary.

Eligibility Length: This posting is for a Continuous recruitment because of an expected need for applicants. Applicants will be placed on a database of eligible applicants for 1 year. You will only be eligible for vacancies in counties you select. After 1 year applicants who remain interested in this job title MUST re-apply to be considered. The Division of Personnel cannot say with any certainty the location or number of future vacancies, only that the agency has expressed an anticipated hiring need. If an applicant wishes more specific information about future hiring plans please contact the hiring agency directly.

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As a condition of employment, an inquiry into job-related information will be completed which may include, but not limited to, criminal records, abuse registry records, driving records, employment history, and education and training. Failing to cooperate with this process, providing false and incomplete information, or discovery of disqualifying information will result in denial of or dismissal from employment or denial of transfer irrespective of when discovered.


Training: Graduation from a standard four-year high school or equivalent.

Experience: Two years of full-time or equivalent part-time paid experience in the operations of information systems and/or peripherals.

Substitution: Six hours in computer science from a regionally accredited college or university or business or vocational training may substitute through an established formula for six months of required experience.

NOTICE: If you are claiming college or other post-high school education or license, you MUST attach or provide by mail a legible copy of your OFFICIAL education transcript, license or training record. YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR EMPLOYMENT UNTIL THIS VERIFICATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED. To avoid missing a job opportunity, it is important that you provide this verification as soon as possible. You only have to provide this verification one time. It is not required with every application. Attach documents to the online application, or mail to: Division of Personnel, 1900 Kanawha Blvd. E., Charleston, WV 25305.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: (Any specific position in this class may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the examples listed cover all of the duties w hich may be assigned.)

Operates an online Video Lottery Central Monitoring System from a workstation to input machine data into a database for installation, control and financial reporting of Video Lottery gaming machines throughout the State.
Monitors the central system and checks for system problems, machine problems, and communication problems.
Troubleshoots problems regarding machine hardware, software, machine maintenance, repair, and communications by telephone with Video Lottery retailers, operators, security, and auditors.
Enables and disables Video Lottery terminals.
Prepares and balances spreadsheets for progressive games at racetracks.
Processes and balances internal control system for Lottery online games.
Troubleshoots non-reporting gaming machines and attempts to recapture any missing financial data.
Processes, balances, and verifies progressive prize hits at the race racetracks.
Processes, balances, and verifies multi-state progressive games at the racetracks.
Works on racetrack and Limited Video projects such as installs, moves, and software upgrades.
Knowledge of techniques and procedures used in the operation of computer equipment, including central system, printers, tape and disk drives.
Knowledge of the operation of the hot-site and disaster recovery procedures.
Knowledge of Window 2003 operating system, Linux, and SQL database.
Knowledge of the IBM RS6000 system and Unix operating system.
Knowledge of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases.
Ability to follow detailed oral and written instructions.
Ability to work effectively with users, data processing personnel, agency officials and the general public.
Ability to communicate effectively, orally, and in writing.