Project Manager

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Job Summary

Project Manager

The Project Manager (PM) role is responsible for properly organizing, coordinating and managing Company resources throughout the project lifecycle. The PM role is accountable to ensure that project execution expectations regarding safety and quality performance, scope, schedule and cost guidelines are met or exceeded.The PM provides direction and oversight for the project through the execution phase with a specific focus towards safety, quality, procurement, cost mgmt., schedule mgmt., work performance and overall progress against the plan while mitigating risk to the Company and our Customer.

The PM role is one of leader, coach, negotiator and arbitrator. The PM shall develop execution and communication processes that allow for close collaboration with all project stakeholders (internal & external) to ensure an integrated and complete scope of work among the subcontractor disciplines.The PM will implement standard operating processes and practical field management tools that the project team shall utilize throughout the construction phase to enhance operational effectiveness, subcontractor productivity and margin performance. Additionally, the PM will provide timely coaching and mentoring to the project team to ensure their personal growth, development, retention and a healthy team environment.

Expectations & Objectives :

1. Safety Leadership:

a. Coach and demonstrate “safety as a value.”

b. Drive safety planning, set expectations, and manage project team performance through jobsite observations.

c. Lead by example and coach through routine field process and procedure training.

2. Quality Leadership:

a. Coach and train “quality as a value.”

b. Drive quality planning and performance management of the project team through jobsite observations and corrective actions to eliminate rework.

c. Drive the implementation of consistent project Site Observation Reporting to ensure that Summit’s quality expectations are met.

3. Schedule Leadership:

a. Drive schedule performance to meet or beat the milestone finish dates.

b. Demonstrate schedule leadership by driving the weekly measurement of plan vs. actual performance within Smart PM.

c. Coach the project team in “developing a balanced approach” in their decision making to ensure balanced decisions are made for both subcontractor productivity and overall schedule performance.

4. Collaboration Leadership:

a. Collaborate with the Preconstruction team and Operations staff at each project lifecycle phase toidentify opportunities to drive improved productivity, project execution and margin performance.

b. Demonstrate timely problem solving and the ability to mitigate risk by implementing strategies inalignment with each stakeholder’s (Owner, Summit, Subs, FBi) goals & objectives.

5. Lessons Learned Leadership:

a. Drive the lessons learned process to ensure key learnings are understood, documented and shared.

b. Drive the dissemination and ideas from preceding projects, current project to future projects.


Bachelor's degree in Construction Management or similar

Job Type: Full-time


  • Project Management: 5 years
  • Complex Construction: 7 years


  • Bachelor's


  • Bouse, AZ