Incident Support Team (IST) Reservist

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Company: BCFS HHS

Position: Incident Support Team (IST) Reservist

Assignment: Emergency Management Division

Reports to: Incident Management Team Coordinator/ Deployment Supervisor, as assigned

Status: PRN (as needed)

Pay Grade: Hourly

Education: Four-year Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Public Administration or related field preferred, but not required. Candidates without a Bachelor’s Degree may substitute one year of relevant work experience for each year of required education. Applicants are required to demonstrate prior completion of Incident Command System training, including the following FEMA independent study courses:

IS-100.b Incident Command System

IS-200.b ICS for Single Resources

IS-700.a National Incident Management System

IS-800.b National Response Framework

IS-808 Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 Public Health & Medical

  • Proof of course completion for each course above will be required for consideration.
Experience: Experience working for a government agency in a first responder capacity (Fire-Rescue, EMS, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Emergency Management or equivalent), or recent college graduate in areas of study related to Emergency Management, Homeland Security or Public Administration.

Supervises: N/A

The Incident Support Team (IST) worker is responsible for successfully completing work tasks and assignments found within the Incident Command System (ICS) structure during emergency incident deployment operations:

Incident Command Post (ICP) support: Support to IMT Incident Command Post staff in the completion of tasks and work assignments related to ICP operations, including administrative, data entry or other related work tasks.
Facilities Unit support: Support to the IMT Facilities Unit Leader or designee in the completion of tasks and work assignments related to management of facilities or individual facility components.
Supply Unit support: Support to the IMT Supply Unit Leader or designee in completion of tasks and work assignments related to management of supply, inventory management, ordering and delivery of supply resources to requesting parties.
Operational support: Support to the IMT Operations Section Chief, Shelter Branch Director, Shelter Manager or designee in the completion of tasks and work assignments related to ICP support or shelter management operations.
Logistical Support: Support to the IMT Logistics Section Chief or designee in completing tasks and work assignments related to transportation and delivery of warehoused resources or resources acquired through ICS procurement processes. Includes warehouse support operations.
Any incident work assignment related to incident operations, as designated by the Incident Commander, Section Chief, or Shelter Manager.
Compensation for Incident Support Team work assignments will be position-specific within the Staff Support Grade 1 ($20/hr) or Staff Support Grade 2 ($30/hr) levels.

Must maintain readiness to deploy within 12 hours of being activated.
Must maintain physical and mental health characteristics that allow for efficient performance in emergency settings under tight deadlines.
Must be able to work in high-pressure/high-stress settings in varied remote or austere environments for a minimum of 14 to 21 consecutive days.
Must be capable of working extended 12-hour shifts, including after-hours.
Must have a memory for detail, leadership qualities and sound judgment.
Must be able to work in a team environment, or as a single resource with limited supervision.
Must possess excellent communication skills (oral and written) and the ability to communicate in a variety of formats.
Must be able to maintain professional interpersonal skills, including effective listening, and non-verbal communication skills.
Must adhere to acceptable standards of business ethics and integrity, and comply with all federal, state and local laws, rules, and regulations in all duties.
Must be able to pass all appropriate criminal background checks.
Other duties, as assigned
1. Language Skills

2. Language

3. Base Language

4. Job Post Language

English (United States)
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