Business Administrator 3

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Under administrative direction of the facility Superintendent, plans, directs, coordinates & oversees the functions of the Business Office (client funds, purchasing, Medicare/Medicaid billing & vouchering), Dietary department & the Storeroom. Supervises assigned personnel (i.e. assigns & oversees work, trains staff, completes performance evaluations, grants leave requests, evaluates the need for overtime, makes entries & approves timecards in Kronos, addresses performance deficiencies & recognizes good performance). Ensures compliance with fiscal policies & procedures (i.e. separation of duties, use of minority vendors & state contracts, competitive bidding process for goods & services, timely submission of budget, monitoring use of funds & oversight of expenditures [authorizes requests to purchase, signs checks & determines funding source], asset management & control, Medicare/Medicaid regulations, payment card protocol, capital expenditures, timely processing of payments to avoid penalties, resolution of accounting errors) Department of Health regulations & inventory control practices. Analyzes data & prepares reports using OAKS FIN/BI or other sources. Advises other Department Heads on accounting / fiscal matters. Conducts all staff training and serves as the facility ethics trainer.

Serves on facility committees (i.e. Policy/Procedure, Emergency Preparedness, Citizens’ Advisory Council, Executive Staff & Department Head). Attends Department-wide meetings and participates in on-line training. Serves as the primary contact with auditors & other regulatory entities. Responsible for administration of non-employee services. Takes rotation as Administrator on call by receiving notification of incidents during non-business hours and holidays/week-ends. Serves as a pre-disciplinary meeting hearing officer. Makes periodic rounds of campus during all shifts.


12 mos. exp. as Business Administrator 2, 63316. -Or completion of undergraduate core coursework in accounting or business management; 3 yrs. exp. in accounting or business management; 12 mos. trg. or 12 mos. exp. in supervisory principles/techniques. -Or 5 yrs. trg. or 5 yrs. exp. in accounting & auditing or business management; 12 mos. trg. or 12 mos. exp. in supervisory principles/techniques. -Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications for Employment noted above.

Knowledge of supervisory principles/techniques; accounting or business management; public relations; state laws & rules governing fiscal & support services operations*; personnel policies & procedures*; employee benefits*. Skill in use of office equipment (e.g., adding machine/calculator, copier, video display terminal*). Ability to handle variety of fiscal & support services responsibilities & determine specific course of action; gather, collate & classify information about data, people or things; prepare technical reports, records, policies & procedures; handle routine & sensitive contacts with & inquiries from general public, vendors/ business, employees & government officials. (*)Developed after employment.

Background Check Information

This position is unclassified per ORC 124.11(A)(14).

The final candidate selected for the position will be required to undergo a criminal background check. Rule 5123:2-2-02, “Background Investigations for Employment,” outlines disqualifying offenses that will preclude an applicant from being hired by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.