Director of Sales and Marketing

Cayuga Milk Ingredients - Auburn, NY (30+ days ago)4.0

Cayuga Milk Ingredients, a state of the art milk ingredients manufacturing company founded in 2012 by a group of progressive dairy producers located throughout Central New York State, is seeking a dynamic and self-driven person for its Director of Sales and Marketing position. The Members of Cayuga Milk Ingredients, LLC, also Members of Cayuga Marketing, have been collaboratively working together to sell milk and purchase farm supplies for over 30 years. Cayuga Milk Ingredients first began operations in a state of the art 108,000 square foot milk processing plant on June 1st, 2014, and in October 2014 began selling dried dairy ingredients into the global marketplace.

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Position Summary:
The Director of Sales and Marketing is responsible for managing the people, processes, and programs for all commercial dairy ingredient sales at Cayuga Milk Ingredients. This effort includes establishing and achieving specific and measurable sales goals in all areas within the sales and marketing process. Cayuga Milk Ingredients is a B2B supplier, thus the incumbent must be experienced in negotiations with both small and multi-national food companies and be knowledgeable in dairy ingredient applications. CMI'singredients include bulk cream, liquid permeate, non-fat dry milk, skim milk powder, milk protein concentrates and milk protein isolates. The incumbent will be part of the executive management team reporting directly to the CEO, work in concert with plant production staff, and manage CMI's agent, broker, and distributor relationships along with direct product sales. The Director of Sales and Marketing is responsible for communicating the sales and marketing goals and strategies to all key stakeholders throughout the Company to include presentations to the Board of Directors.

Job Responsibilities:
Develop and lead the Company's sales effort to maintain current customer relationships and expand into new ones.

Develop a sales and marketing plan to net the highest return to Company and work in concert with the plant production team to organize production runs.

Oversee the Company artwork and product labeling requirements.

Implement and manage marketing programs, strategies and processes to attain sales

goals (inside/outside sales calls, tours, event attendance, trade shows, etc.).

Provide hands on senior level leadership to Company's sales and marketing efforts.

Develop scorecards and metrics to manage and track customer experiences.

Manage supply contracts with customers.

Conduct frequent, effective sales presentations to educate customers about the

Company's unique value proposition.

Provide updated pricing sheets and manage sales volumes with Company's existing

marketing agent and distributor for MPC and MPI.