Temp Juntos Program Liaison - Wayne County, NC

NC State University - Raleigh, NC4.2

Engage 25-30 Latino 9th-12th grade students and their parents in the Juntos 4-H Program at Southern Wayne High School (Wayne County, NC) via, afterschool Juntos 4-H Clubs, family nights and a summer camp experience. Ensure the success of family engagement among participating youth, their families, and their schools. *Duties Include:* * Assist with the planning of educational content for Family Nights every other month; 6 family nights total. * Facilitate the planning of 4-H Club activities and meetings, via electing effective student leaders and engaging Latino parents and community volunteers in the planning. * Connect Juntos youth to local 4-H programming year round. * Support program evaluator with pre and post surveys for program participants enrolled in the program. Assist with other data collection and coordination of evaluation data as needed. * Manage program documents including maintaining projects task logs, meeting minutes, sign-in sheets, attendance records, and related activities and input participant data into NCSU Juntos Database. * Attend conference calls or training's/meeting's scheduled by Juntos Leadership * Support with the recruitment of at least two volunteers to support with programming during the school year * Contact parents to inform them of program events or discuss academic progress and work with program coordinator to build strong communication with parents and build parent leadership and volunteerism * Work with program director, community partners, and local extension leaders to build a Juntos Advisory Group with the goal of establishing a long-term sustainability plan
Minimum Qualifications: -4 year college degree or 2 year college degree and experience working with hispanic families and students in Wayne County School system -Proficient in Microsoft Office -Great organizational skills -Self motivated -Must be bilingual (Spanish and English)
Position Number: 11ASO1169
Posting Date: 10/23/2018

Closing Date:
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Funded: No