Sr. Superintendent

Intracorp - Newport Beach, CA (30+ days ago)3.5

Project Superintendent for 3 stories, type V townhome project (30-150 units) in Irvine, CA

It is the function of the Project Superintendent (PS) to supervise the field construction of a project, including its organization, planning and scheduling in order to complete the work on time, within the budget and to the quality specified. In the performance of this function, he is responsible to protect and promote the interest of ISC in all matters, and to take actions as required to satisfy responsibilities, which include, but are not limited to the following:

To have 30-hours OSHA training completed.

To have complete knowledge of all general contract and subcontract documents, drawings, and specifications.

To have complete knowledge of the job estimate and to see that the work is performed within the boundaries of the estimate.

To plan and review the Construction Program with the Project Manager including procedures, plant layout, equipment and manpower.

To prepare progress schedules, to keep them properly updated, and to see that the job does everything feasible to meet the required dates. These schedules must be coordinated with the Project Manager and the Purchasing Agent for assurance of feasibility. PS is responsible for weekly schedule updates (MS Project).

To advise the Project Manager on project requirements for temporary construction service.

To examine all drawings and specifications for suspected design deficiencies, impractical or unconstructable details and code violations, and to refer all findings to the Project Manager or Project Architect via RFI’s.

To direct and train the ISC work forces and to administer the field office.

To support the work of the job accountant.

To assure the continued development of assigned staff by using performance evaluations, varying assignments, and promoting positive project morale.

To work with the Project Manager and Purchasing Agent in scheduling and expediting the delivery of materials and equipment furnished by ISC and subcontractors, and to assume the primary responsibility for their timely on-site delivery.

To coordinate, direct, and monitor the activities of subcontractors and suppliers.

To obtain, or see that the subcontractors obtain, all necessary permits for temporary construction purposes. These include such permits as required for sidewalk bridges, sidewalk sheds, sidewalk closings, canopies, etc… (Project Manager will assist when requested by the Superintendent.)

To see that all insurance requirements of ISC and subcontractors are satisfied prior to starting the work and during the term of the project.

To coordinate, and direct when necessary, the activities of inspection agencies and to effect remedial actions indicated by the reports of these agencies.

To handle all job labor relations, obtaining help when necessary from the Project Manager.

To have complete knowledge of and assure that the project’s Equal Employment Opportunity requirements are met.

To establish and maintain good safety and security practices for the entire project in accordance with ISC Safety Manual and applicable safety codes and regulations.

To conduct weekly subcontractor meetings, make/distribute meeting notes.

To prepare regular and special reports for Job Meetings and attend the same.

To keep the Project Manager currently informed as to changes made in the field, so that such changes may be covered by general contract change orders and subcontractor change orders. To properly authorize, validate, and process all T & M tickets and similar documents involving changes.

To review and approve monthly estimate of work completed, payrolls, material invoices, and all other disbursements.

To participate in the timely preparation of monthly requisitions and to see that they are promptly reviewed and approved by the Architects-Owner’s field representative.

To maintain good relations and communications with all involved in the project including the public.


The Project Superintendent reports and is responsible to the Project Executive or the Project Manager if one is assigned.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $90,000.00 to $130,000.00 /year


  • residential superintendent: 5 years