Information Technology Supervisor 2 - PN 20014386

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Supervises staff responsible for the design, analysis, programming, maintenance, debugging and modifying of medium to complex and specialized computer information systems in a client/server and web environment facilitating the exchange of information between network systems and personal computers; reviews programs and system documentation and evaluates test results; assures training of staff, approves requests for leave, evaluates staff work product, assigns tasks and sets priorities, interviews potential employees, and conducts staff meetings; assists staff in resolving computer problems including system design, system analysis, programming and networking through research, consultation and team building efforts and answers technical questions. Oversees the release management of information technology (IT) services and modifications to ensure the development, testing, deployment and support of timely and effective software releases (i.e., Application Project Management [APM]). Acts as a liaison across all functional areas and works directly with areas responsible for service/product delivery (e.g., network staff, department managers, project review teams). Makes recommendations for APM and system modifications. Establishes procedures/guidelines for APM monitoring and ensures compliance. Reviews and approves release schedules. Develops &/or directs development & implementation of planning documents. Evaluates business objectives that require system enhancements. Determines feasibility, cost time required and compatibility with current systems. Manages the process of IT task initiation, prioritization and approval. Ensures APM progress is documented through the Application Support Scrum Board. Coordinates development and measures performance of software releases and determines if changes need to be made for optimum service delivery (e.g., determines if critical success factors are being met, reviews performance metrics, assessment processes & reporting schedules to ensure products & services are delivered on time, on budget & within scope). Apprises senior IT management and Ohio Department of Health (ODH) customers of APM development status, issues and concerns. Prepares reports and summaries (e.g., APM status, release management reports). Researches best practices in IT to support cost savings and efficiency standards for provided IT services to ODH customers.

Analyzes and designs large computer systems (e.g., Vital Vision, Immunization Tracking System, X-ray) for Ohio Department of Health (ODH); interacts with other state and federal agencies to analyze and design systems that will interact with the existing systems; develops programming and documentation standards, assures conformance to standards, assures completion of user manuals, user operational procedures and program documentation; analyzes hardware and software alternatives. Writes detailed system documentation and develops system test data and procedures; uses high level databases (e.g., Oracle, DB2), computer languages (e.g., Microsoft Visual Suite, .Net, JAVA, PowerBuilder, System 1032) and statistical application languages (e.g., SPSS, SAS) to analyze and design logical flow of programs; oversees and monitors creation of database structure, preparation of mainframe component of online menu-driven and object oriented client-server applications, debug and test program adequacy, and design and test computer-generated output. Uses high level computer languages (e.g., C++, Visual Basic, Java, FoxPro, Silverstream) and statistical application languages (e.g., SPSS) on an independent basis to analyze and design logical flow of programs; oversees creation of database structure and indexing, preparation of online menu-driven and object-oriented applications, debugging and testing program adequacy. Evaluates hardware, software, training and telecommunication needs and prepares requisitions, bid specifications, and other acquisition documentation.

Acts as liaison to other organizational units for linking and sharing computer resources and cooperating on enterprise connectivity and information solutions; assists application development manager with long range planning for information technology; coordinates maintenance of all computer equipment contacts and meets with vendors regarding system status, needs and problems; directs staff in providing technical support and training to ODH clients and users statewide (e.g., establishes and tests telecommunication links, installs and optimizes network operating systems, designs and configures system hardware components, installs local and remote workstation equipment and software, monitors system performance, troubleshooting hardware and software problems, and trains users via phone, one on one, and in classroom settings regarding accessing and operating networked computer equipment and application software and systems); attends computer-related training classes and seminars; speaks to groups regarding technical and administrative issues. As assigned, serves as a member of a Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Team, Incident Response Team, or similar public health response team which may include the conduct of operations on a 24/7 basis at remote locations.

Completion of undergraduate core coursework in computer science, or completion of undergraduate core coursework in any academic major which included at least one course in each of the following:advanced-level computer programming language (for example, COBOL, Delphi, Java, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, Pl 1, SAS PCS, Pacbase, Full Visual Suite, Designer 2000, Developer 2000, C, C++, Visual C, ECL, or Visual Studio), logic-based mathematics, data base concepts (for example, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Paradox, Sybase, IMS DB, DB2, Cache, DMS, or RDMS), computer systems analysis & design, & basic data processing concepts;


additional 4 1/2 years (54 mos.) exp. commensurate with job duties to be performed & knowledges & skills required as outlined in approved position description on file for position to be filled as advertised in job posting.; 6 mos. exp. in performing project management functions as defined in series purpose.


6 1/2 years (78 mos.) exp. commensurate with job duties to be performed & knowledges & skills required as outlined in approved position description on file for position to be filled as advertised in job posting; 6 months exp. in performing project management functions as defined in series purpose.

-Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications For Employment noted above. Knowledge of computer science, or business or public administration, data processing, engineering, geology or comparable field which included coursework in logic-based mathematics, data base concepts, basic data processing concepts & high-level language computer programming; computer systems analysis, design; computer hardware systems; supervisory principles/techniques*; employee development & training; project management.Skill in operation of computer terminal &/or personal computer & peripheral equipment (e.g., printers, modems). Ability to interpret variety of technical computer manuals & documentation; write computer programs & system documentation & instruction manuals; communicate verbally & in writing on technical & non-technical matters; establish friendly atmosphere as supervisor.




Official educational transcripts are required for all post-high school educational accomplishments, coursework or degrees claimed on the application. Applicants will be required to submit an official transcript prior to receiving a formal offer of employment. Failure to provide the transcript within 5 working days of being requested will cause the applicant to be eliminated from further consideration.

Please note that a transcript is considered “official” only if it is an original copy from the educational institution and includes an institutional watermark, ink stamp or embossed stamp. Transcripts printed from the institution’s website will not be accepted. ODH reserves the right to assess the academic credibility of an educational entity’s award of a putative degree.


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All applicants must submit a completed Ohio Civil Service Application using the online Ohio Hiring Management System. Paper applications will not be considered. Applicants must clearly indicate how they meet the minimum qualifications and/or position specific minimum qualifications. Applicants are also encouraged to document any experience, education and/or training related to the job duties above. An assessment of these criteria may be conducted to determine the applicants who are interviewed.

Please submit a separate application for each Position Number (PN) for which you are applying. It is understood that this vacancy posting will in no way replace the position description which remains the official document outlining the duties and responsibilities of the incumbent assigned to this position.

Background Check Information The final candidate selected for this position will be required to undergo a criminal background check. Criminal convictions do not necessarily preclude an applicant from consideration for a position. An individual assessment of an applicant's prior criminal convictions will be made before excluding an applicant from consideration.