Account Exec/Inside Sales Re/Closer/Are you the one?

Square One Credit Management - Red Bank, NJ


Welcome to Square One Credit Management.

Now is the time to solidify your career at Square One Credit Management. We are a small, yet extremely focused company with a vision and a plan to not only achieve a dominant local presence, but national recognition on a mission to build a long-standing legacy in the credit management space.

Who you will be working with:

Have you ever wanted a quality mentor? Have you worked for employers who have promised comprehensible training only to sit at a desk and wonder why you were there? Why you choose to work for that company? Have you ever taken a job and wondered what you were thinking? You won’t find that at SOCM.

Our senior level management has over 30 years of combined credit and financial experience. You will be learning from two of the best credit minds in the entire industry to become the future leaders of SOCM.

Imagine if you didn’t need a fancy IVY league diploma or an MBA and secured a high level, high paying position at a company like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Apple. Square One also see’s talent outside of a college diploma, we are seeking talent inside of an individual therefore college is not required at our firm. There lose on educational requirements is SOCM gain. Our key executives can make a good sales person great and a great salesperson a top 1% producer in any sales role. Period.

Our Needs:

Headquartered in Red Bank, NJ we are seeking a multi-dimensional team player. A thinker, a strategist, a person who is quick on their feet. Someone who is accustom to a fast pace environment and thrives for the hunt of the sale in a team environment. As an associate closer, your main responsibility is to close leads generated by our business name. Every closers dream is to work in a space that provides the highest quality of lead and SOCM has those leads. Our current close ratio to leads is over 50%!!!! Anyone who has been in sales knows those number are not great, they are off the charts. As our company has grown in business, the need has come for an associate closer. Come and join our team today.

Your Needs:

Believe it or not, at Square One Credit Management, we understand the value of our employee’s needs.

  • Reward– Compensation for the work
  • Vision– Security in knowing where the company is headed long-term
  • Resources– Having the right tools and training
  • Loyalty– Leadership that “has your back” as they expect you to have theirs
  • Connection– Competent leaders who genuinely care and are supportive of employee success
  • Teamwork– Having a culture that supports and encourages teamwork
  • Value– Sincere appreciation and recognition of each employee as an individual
  • Growth– Programs and paths for growth and career advancement
  • Self-Development– Opportunities to be coached, challenged and inspired
  • Strengths– Mapping roles and responsibilities to strengths for ultimate fulfillment of potential
  • Purpose– Creating opportunities for meaningful contribution to the big-picture goals

Career Requirements:

  • Two years minimum phone sales with a specialty in inside B2B or Consumer direct sales
  • You are analytical, highly logical and structured. You think on your feet.
  • You bring a business professional personality to our firm. Someone we want to work with and a company you want to work for
  • A competitor. Sales is like sport, nobody likes to lose but as in victory, you are gracious and humble from defeat. You understand that each “no” is getting you closer to a yes
  • Think In terms of understanding a client’s needs, how you meet their needs to conclude closing the sale. Listen more than you sell.
  • Have the ABC attitude all day every day.
  • Self-starter, positive attitude with a voracious appetite to learn, grow, excel and exceed in your professional career.
  • We want the absolute best talent. That talent will be rewarded with the success of your business unlike any company is willing to compensate
  • Helping people. You get rewarded by helping people. What more can a sales job truly be about


  • Receive hot inbound leads from our long-term affiliate partners understand your responsibility to not only the client, but our partners. We take care of our clients and partners with white gloves, so will you
  • Qualify potential candidates for the appropriate program. We are not a one stop, one size fits all company. Having multiple programs offers you a higher platform of successful closed clients
  • Communicate and follow up with clients. The proof is in the pudding. Follow up is something we will continue teaching and is key to success. We have technology to help support your success rates of closing clients
  • Meet or exceed team productivity goals, always striving to close more sales and move up into a management role
  • Training provided. You will receive the training you deserve at Square One. You will receive continued training to ensure you ultimately succeed here. Let’s succeed together!


  • Base salary. Yes, you get a base salary that isn’t a draw.
  • Commissions on a per transaction basis paid bi-weekly
  • Bonus- Not only do we pay a base and commission, we feel our key people deserve more. We will speak with you about how our bonus incentives work
  • Advancement: We do not embellish numbers at this firm.
  • Trips- Are you a top producer? When you are here you’re rewarded with all expense paid vacations
  • Growth into an executive role and building a National Team.
  • Target first year is $75,000 plus (this is absolutely excellent first year expectations)
  • Target second year is $150,000 plus

Sales at Square One Credit Management is simple. If you put the hard work, relentless effort and passion into this, you will become far more successful than you ever imagined. Do not pass up the opportunity to speak with us today.

“If you are struggling to pay your bills you have a job. If you want to finance your lifestyle, you build a career here at Square One”.
Dan Danizik, CEO, Square One Credit Management

Job Type: Full-time


  • Inside Sales: 2 years (Preferred)