Denver Public Schools - Denver, CO (30+ days ago)3.7


220 work days

FTE: 1.0

Salary Range: $49,007-$58,807

Essential Functions and Objectives:

The Regional Coordinator (RC) is central to supporting and strengthening the link between community-based organizations, businesses, faith communities, philanthropic groups and schools. RCs work in collaboration with school principals, AmeriCorps members and other relevant individuals/groups to achieve measurable outcomes and meet district goals. RCs are broadly responsible for building positive and meaningful relationships in school communities in accordance with goals outlined in the Denver Plan.

Building on the District’s Community Engagement theory of action, which combines key elements that will lead to increased public ownership, support, and accountability for student achievement, Denver Public Schools (DPS) has outlined the following district-wide goals:

- Deepen and strengthen parent and family engagement classroom by classroom, school by school.

- Strengthen communication and foster regular dialogue and input from stakeholders to promote civic engagement and ownership of public schools.

- Strengthen partnerships with non-profits, faith communities, neighborhoods, businesses, philanthropic groups and others to provide services and resources to support DPS schools and students .

- Focus communication efforts to regularly engage and inform DPS students, families, and the community of DPS strategies & initiatives.

- Leverage partnerships with the City of Denver and other government agencies.

- Forge formal partnerships and secure additional resources promoting college entry and success.

The key role of RC include creating and strengthen partnerships to provide services and resources to support Denver Public Schools and its students; focus communication efforts to regularly engage and inform students, families and the community of DPS strategies and initiatives; leverage partnerships with the City of Denver and other government agencies; oversee AmeriCorps at school sites to increase student attendance and parent engagement in schools and/or school communities by creating and implementing service projects.

Expected Outcomes and Results:

- Create opportunities to build positive relationships with students and DPS families by leveraging partnerships with non-profits, faith communities, neighborhoods, businesses, philanthropic groups.

- Increased opportunities for staff professional development and training.

- Establish a culture of excellent customer service.

- Increase student attendance at targeted school sites.

- Increase student literary proficiency at targeted school sites.

- Increase parent engagement in school classrooms.

The Regional Coordinator (RC) will:

- Collaborate with DPS CareerConnect on Work-Based Learning (WBL) events, organizing job shadows, mentorship and internship opportunities.

- Work with CareerConnect in managing partner relationships for CareerX, CareerCoach and CareerLaunch opportunities.

- Work in conjunction with the Manager to develop training tools to assist employees with creating effective work plans at school sites that will enable staff to build and monitor partnerships and track outcomes and results in assigned regions.

- Work with Department Manager(s) to build effective strategies and systems to enhance communication between schools and families at primary or feeder schools throughout all district regions.

- Work in conjunction with the Department Managers to collaborate with CES throughout regions to leverage school partnerships at school site throughout the district to create a network of partners that support reform efforts that increase student academic performance.

- Supervise a team of 5-7 AmeriCorps members, MSW Interns and WIOA Work Experience students at school sites.

- Assist in the day-to-day onsite coordination and supervision of activities for AmeriCorps members.

- Work with school officials to identify students to receive AmeriCorps daily attendance intervention.

- Assist with onsite coordination for the Power Lunch Reading Program at school sites, when applicable.

- Work collaboratively with Department Managers to collect data and information essential to supporting the program evaluation.

- Maintain updated inventory of school and community partnerships.

- Serve as a member of the Collaborative School Committee (CSC) and School Leadership Team (SLT) at the assigned school site.

- Work in conjunction with the school Principal to develop and manage school partnerships.

- Support the expansion of existing school partner efforts that are relevant and effective in advancing student success.

- Assist with onsite coordination at the Parent Leadership Institutes and Superintendent Parent Forums.

- Participate in professional development opportunities and attend training sessions.

- Attend regular staff meetings with the Director of Program Services and Department Managers to disseminate information central to supporting and strengthening links between community organizations and schools.

- Adhere to District personnel rules and all policies and procedures established by the Office of Community Engagement and AmeriCorps.

Knowledge, Experience & Other Qualifications:

- A minimum of five (5) years of work experience in customer service, community engagement or related field.

- The ideal candidate will have conflict resolution and mediation skills.

- Community Engagement Regional Coordinator will be housed in targeted schools and will perform duties throughout neighborhood schools. They will supervise AmeriCorps members at the school site and will assist in training members to perform program activities.

- This position will require flexibility with work hours in order to meet the schedule-related needs of parents, including early mornings, evenings and weekends.

- This position requires significant travel to Denver Public Schools sites throughout the city.

- Ability to lead team members on projects from beginning to completion.

- Experience in coalition-building essential.

- Able to perform well and multi-task in an interruption-driven environment.

- Ability to work under pressure and adapt to changing circumstances.

- Excellent presentation and communication skills: verbal, written and interpersonal.

- Proficient computer skills essential (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Data Management).

- Valid Colorado driver’s license.

Education Requirements:

- BA or BS Degree in related field or 5-years of equivalent work experience.

Other Information:

- This position works year round including summers.

- Six Month Provisional Period for Employment: Community Engagement, Regional Coordinator (CERC) positions are subject to a six-month provisional period of employment. Continued employment with the district, beyond six-months, is subject to satisfactory completion of duties and job performance. Budget reductions or depletion of program funds can result in the termination of employment with the district. Prioritizing staff terminations and reductions in full-time employment among CES positions is subject to the discretion of Department Management.