Forensic Psychologist

Penda Aiken, Inc. - New York, NY


A. Under the supervision of the Authority Director of Work Life Services or designee, the psychologist shall:
1. Conduct assessments at the Authority’s Work Life Services facilities of employees claiming psychological distress and inability to function in their jobs after incidents at work.
2. Interview employees and review submitted medical documentation along with job duty and available restricted work descriptions during the assessment process.
3. Be required to write consultation reports which must contain recommendations of whether employees are capable of performing available restricted duties or full duties of their job position. The forensic psychologist will be performing an evaluation and evaluation-related services for the purpose of writing the consultation reports only; no treatment will be provided by the forensic psychologist to any employee. The reports will be used by the physicians in the New York City Transit Medical Assessment Centers to help determine possible work restriction. These reports will also be part of the records reviewed by the Worker’s Compensation Unit of the New York City Transit Law Department and potentially by their contracted independent medical examiners.

To be qualified for assignment under this Contract, the psychologist candidate shall:
1. be a certified or licensed forensic psychologist in good standing; and
2. be currently licensed by NYS Education Department; and
3. have at least two (2) years of clinical experience, or a satisfactory equivalent, subject to Authority approval.

We reserve the right to give preference, in its sole discretion, to candidates who have the following additional qualifications:
1. Ph.D. in psychology with specialization in forensic psychologist as evidenced by postdoctoral training and specific experience which satisfies eligibility for forensic board certification; or
2. Board certification by the American Board of Professional Psychology and occupational/Worker’s Compensation experience.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50.00 to $60.00 /hour


  • clinical psychology: 2 years (Required)