Squadron Stan/Eval Specialist

B3H Corporation - Randolph AFB, TX (30+ days ago)3.2

B3H Corporation is seeking qualified personnel to augment flying squadrons in the areas of aircrew scheduling, training, and standardization/evaluation (Stan/Eval). Positions will support Air Education and Training Command (AETC) fighter, mobility, special operations flight training squadrons at Randolph AFB, TX; Columbus AFB, MS; Laughlin AFB, TX, Vance AFB, OK, Tucson ANG, AZ; Lackland AFB, TX; Little Rock AFB, AR; Altus AFB, OK and Pensacola NAS, FL. The focus of work will be to support non-flying duties in training and operational squadrons. There a multiple positions available at each location to coincide with the number of squadrons to be supported.

The Contractor shall maintain accountability and control of flight testing materials IAW local directives.

The Contractor shall notify aircrew members their place in the eligibility period on a monthly basis for those members in the evaluation eligibility period specified by AFI 11-202V2 IAW local procedures.

The Contractor shall notify specific crewmembers, scheduling, and unit leadership of upcoming and overdue testing, evaluation, and training requirements via e-mail, IAW guidance cited in paragraph 2.3 above.

The Contractor shall assist members with coordinating extensions/waivers to locally or otherwise established deadlines set by AFI 11-202V2 (Ch 1-9) and applicable supplements through the chief of Stan/Eval or designated official as required.

The Contractor shall opt members for evaluation testing in MS as they enter the evaluation eligibility period specified by AFI 11-202V2 or IAW local directives.

The Contractor shall enter Instrument Refresher Course (IRC), Master Question File (MQF), Emergency Procedures Quiz, Open Book, Semi-Annual, or other test questions into electronic test databanks as needed in accordance with local directives. The Contractor may need

to report to a testing center in order to accomplish these duties. For units that do not participate directly in test databank maintenance, the Contractor shall take inputs for changes to test databanks and prepare for delivery to Group Stan/Eval or equivalent as needed.

The Contractor shall perform MS testing monitor (as required) and administrator duties/function for units, updating all applicable items for unit members, and Temporary Duty (TDY) individuals flying at the unit due to training or mission requirements. Testing administration duties include releasing, proctoring and making note of test discrepancy/questions for coordination with Stan/Eval staff for validity. The Contractor may need to report to a testing center in order to accomplish these duties.

The Contractor shall interface with HARM/SARM, TRS, DOV, DOT, Student Training Management (STM), Squadron Leadership, MS support and other personnel or agencies as needed.

The Contractor shall review evaluations and report evaluation trends monthly, or per local procedures.

The Contractor shall perform initial and annual reviews for approval by a Stan/Eval officer or equivalent and update student/permanent party FEFs (Form 8/4348/942s) IAW 11- 2MDSV2 (Note 1), AFI 11-202V2 (Ch 1-9), AFI 11-290 section A.2, AETC supplement, as well as associated MAJCOM/Installation supplements, and locally-developed guidance. The Contractor shall review and assist the Stan/Eval officer with the quality control of all Forms 8 to ensure they are produced IAW guidance cited in this paragraph.

The Contractor shall in-process members’ FEFs and facilitate any paperwork needed to get the member’s Go/No-Go items ready for flying status.

The Contractor shall execute Stan/Eval out-processing functions IAW local guidance.

The Contractor shall coordinate with squadron schedulers to facilitate evaluations consistent with unit leadership, Stan/Eval officer and regulatory guidance cited in paragraph 2.3 above (not applicable to 455 FTS).

The Contractor shall receive and log proposed changes to publications. The Contractor shall review the AF847 for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with AFI 11-215 (Ch 1, 7-

11) then submit to Stan/Eval officer for review and coordination.

The Contractor shall perform Flight Crew Information Files (FCIF) monitor duties IAW 11-202V2 (Ch 9.1) and applicable supplements and report completion to the unit Stan/Eval officer or designated official.

The Contractor shall publish read files and FCIFs in MS when requested as required.

The Contractor shall conduct Flight Information Publications (FLIP) updates and changeovers on the appropriate dates. This applies to electronic updates to Electronic Flight Bags

(EFBs) or paper copy as required. The Contractor is not responsible for maintaining or sustaining EFBs – merely updating them as required.

The contractor shall conduct FLIP changeovers on the appropriate dates.
The contractor shall update official publications upon request.
The contractor shall update briefing room publications as required.

The Contractor will prepare data for the Standardization Evaluation Board (SEB) on a semi-annual basis IAW AFI 11-202V2 AETC supplement (Ch 3). This data will cover all evaluations for all aircrew positions in a specified period and provide downgrade, commendable, and syllabus information. Additionally, the contractor will report all evaluation trends, waivers and extensions. Other data may be required IAW local guidance/policy.

The Contractor shall generate the following reports/forms IAW local procedure/policy as needed:
Evaluation and testing status and trend data reports
Recurring/Semi-annual (Stan/Eval Board) SEB report
AF Form 8, Certificate of Aircrew Qualification
AF Form 942, Record of Evaluation
AF Form 847, Recommendation for Change of Publication
AF IMT 1522, ARMS Additional Training Accomplishment Report
AF Form 4025, Aircrew Summary/Close-Out Report (C130H/J units only)
AF Form 4324, Aircraft Assignment/Aircrew Qualification Worksheet
AF Form 4348, USAF Aircrew Certifications
Update/Review Aircrew Qualification Level Summary (also known as the “Letter of Xs”)
Locally developed forms, briefings, or other AFI forms when applicable

1) Minimum of two (2) years of experience working in a DoD operational flying unit (active duty, guard/reserve, contractor or civilian).

2) Minimum two (2) years of experience working with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

3) Ability to operate the following systems/programs:
Computer based training and integrated management system (TIMS,GTIMS, PEX, X-plan)
SharePoint websites and communities of practice
Microsoft Access is not required but highly desired