Professional Research Assistant

University of Colorado Boulder - Boulder, CO4.2

Job Summary
The Sleep and Chronobiology Lab in the Department of Integrative Physiology Directed by Dr. Kenneth P. Wright Jr. is seeking to hire a Professional Research Assistant (PRA).
Who We Are
At the Department of Integrative Physiology we study organisms as functioning systems of molecules, cells, tissues, and organs. This emphasis on whole-body function, and its applications to human health and disease, has made Integrative Physiology the largest undergraduate major at CU-Boulder. Our PhD program was recently ranked 9th out of 63 physiology programs in the country. Our diverse faculty include several who have joint affiliations with the Institute for Behavioral Genetics and the Center for Neuroscience, as well as clinical divisions at the CU-Anschutz medical campus. Research in the Department spans the entire discipline of physiology, from the genetics of behavioral traits to the assessment of human performance.

Research Interests of the Sleep and Chronobiology Lab:
Health and safety consequences of sleep and circadian disruption.
Influence of sleep and circadian rhythms on human physiology (neuroendocrine, metabolic and immune function) and behavior (sleepiness, memory, learning, mood, cognitive and motor performance) with application to public health and safety.
Countermeasures to improve sleep, wakefulness, and health.

Current Research Projects:
Impact of sleep and circadian disruption on the human microbiome and related changes in human physiology and cognition.
Biomarkers for insufficient sleep and circadian rhythm disruption (metabolomics and proteomics).
Tissue specific alterations in response to insufficient sleep and circadian misalignment.
Influence of sleep loss, sleep inertia and circadian disruption on cognitive function.
Countermeasures to improve sleep and wakefulness.
Physiological and behavioral mechanisms by which insufficient sleep and circadian misalignment contributes to metabolic dysregulation.
Countermeasures to improve cardiometabolic health during insufficient sleep.
Student-athlete sleep, health and performance.
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What Your Key Responsibilities Will Be
Review sleep study applications and follow through with eligible applicants.
Manage applicants’ confidential information.
Track applicants’ application progress with excruciating detail.
Actively advertise for sleep studies and seek opportunities for exposure.
Provide detailed information about studies for inquiring potential participants.
Respond to applicants’ phone calls and emails.
Score redcap surveys.
Notify applicants if they do or do not qualify for studies.
Schedule potential participants for appointments with key personnel in the lab.
Assist in IRB protocol management and submission.
Train research assistants in recruitment protocols.
Other duties as required.

What We Can Offer
Monthly salary of $2,712.00 plus full university benefits.

The University of Colorado offers excellent benefits, including medical, dental, retirement, paid time off, tuition benefit and ECO Pass. The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the largest employers in Boulder County and offers an inspiring higher education environment. Learn more about the University of Colorado Boulder.

Be Statements
Be Adaptable. Be Inclusive. Be Boulder.
What We Require
Bachelor's Degree

Special Instructions

To apply, please submit the following materials:
A cover letter describing your research interests
Resume/CV, including date of availability
Reference Letter (Non - Confidential)
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Note: Application materials will not be accepted via email. For consideration, applications must be submitted through CU Boulder Jobs.