Early Learning Center, FUMC - Johnson City, TN


This individual works primarily as the direct caregiver with the children meeting their needs on individual levels. This person helps to provide a happy, clean, safe environment for children, working in both large and small group settings.

The teacher has the responsibility of planning and implementing age-appropriate activities in accordance with the Early Learning Center goals, individual needs, and as part of a team.


  • Warm, loving, caring nature
  • Ability to work well with children, individually and in groups
  • Ability to relate easily to others including adults on all levels of the socioeconomic structure
  • Awareness of safety and health precautions; basic first aid methods including CPR.
  • Ability to observe and evaluate children's behavior.
  • Knowledge of the physical, social and emotional needs of children and of educational experiences which will further the child's social integration and the socialization process.
  • Knowledge of positive group management techniques.
  • Knowledge of developmental stages of children so as to be able to understand and deal with individual and group needs and behaviors.
  • Ability to present information about children positively and objectively to parents and staff.
  • Must be in excellent health.
  • Must be agile enough to perform job as a teacher of small
  • Must have the ability to understand and carry out written and oral instructions.

Interested in increasing knowledge in field of endeavor by obtaining 18 clock hours of training per year.


  • Plans and implements an appropriate educational program for each child in his/her group including basic experiences in music, art, creative dramatics, nutrition, language, math, science,and activities related to the social development and growth of children.
  • Greets parents daily.
  • Holds parent conferences at least once a year based on child evaluations.
  • Participates in individual and group inservice.
  • Cooperatively maintains materials and facilities.
  • Helps to implement the center program and sees that program directives are carried out.
  • Attends staff meetings.
  • Enforces rules and limits of the program.
  • Tends to children's health needs.
  • Responsible for a specific group of children at mealtime.
  • Responsible for assisting children with routine activities such as nap.
  • Helps maintain the physical environment to assure cleanliness and safety at all times.
  • Helps educate volunteers, student teachers, and observers by informing them about the program and by reinforcing positive appropriate behavior toward children and by discussing inappropriate behavior with them.
  • Informs parents of activities weekly and communicates with parents informally whenever possible.
  • Teachers in toddler classes and up should use a weekly newsletter to aid in communication.
  • Supervises free play.
  • Observes, records, and reports individual children's behavior.


Completion of an undergraduate program with a bachelor's degree; a teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Special Education, Elementary Education.

One year of experience in working with young children in some type of formal setting with ages 0-5. Experience needs to be commensurate with primary age group to which the individual is assigned or responsible for.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time


  • Early Childhood Education: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)


  • Johnson City, TN (Preferred)