Food Program Director

Round Barn Daycare - Greencastle, IN


Food Program Director


The food program director will work in coordination with our daycare director to ensure we are providing healthy, nutritious meals and snacks to all those in our care. This person will be responsible for organizing our kitchen, maintaining a clean environment, and serving meals that meet current early childhood recommendations. This person will also be the lead communicator with our staff and with parents, encouraging and developing supportive relationships that ensure positive feedback in our effort to meet everyone’s dietary needs.


The food program director will be accountable to the director of our daycare as well as the daycare board. He/she will receive this job description upon hire, have a 90-day review, and an annual review either on each anniversary or at a stipulated time by the board. During this time, he/she may address any unresolved matters or discuss the contractual agreement/job description. He/she is also always able to meet with the director or daycare board president at any point to discuss ideas or address situations.

Compensation Package:

As a contracted service position, the food program director will be paid on a professional/hourly scale commiserate with experience (~$10/hr). The food program director will be considered an hourly employee of the daycare and will receive the same benefits as those provided to the other daycare staff.

These benefits include: accrued vacation time, four nonpaid personal days, and ½ price tuition for staff member’s children. When possible, the food program director is expected to communicate in advance with the daycare director about any upcoming vacations or known absences, conferring about options in the food program director’s absence.


Performance reviews will be based upon the completion of the items listed below in the “Duties” section. The food program director of Round Barn Daycare is encouraged to keep adding valuabe feedback, additions and changes to this description as needed.

Kitchen Cleaning/Environment

  • Food program director is responsible for maintaining a clean working environment at all times
  • Daily cleaning of dishes, utensils, and other cooking equipment as well as all sinks, surfaces and floors
  • Moping of kitchen floor upon completion of meal service
  • Ensuring kitchen has necessary cooking appliances/utensils and informing director when purchases or acquisitions are needed
  • Recommending to daycare board larger expense items or equipment upgrades
  • Communicating with pastor in light of matters relating to church usage/cleanliness
  • Clean burners, wipe off cabinets, refrigerators and organize cabinets as needed (monthly)


  • Ensuring all food is properly stored and that refrigeration units/freezers are in good working order
  • Keeping all refrigeration units/freezers properly cleaned and food stored orderly
  • Labeling all open food items as necessitated by the DCMI Food Program

Meal Planning/Preparation

  • Creating daily and weekly menus that meet dietary needs/recommendations
  • Being mindful of dietary restrictions
  • Keeping on hand necessary snacks for daycare children as needed through the day/week
  • Communicating to staff and parents weekly meal plan/calendar
  • Communicating directly with daycare director and parents of daycare children as needed
  • Properly disposing of unused food and seeking creative/sustainable ways to handle food excess
  • Ensuring all meals are served to children in the classrooms, including transporting the food from the kitchen to classrooms each day.

Groceries/Food Purchasing

  • Purchase needed food supplies and milk weekly within daycare food budget and with an eye towards costs savings when possible
  • Using daycare’s account to purchase groceries on-line & pick-up as needed
  • Properly organizing and storing all food supplies and milk, including ensuring that all groceries are stored as needed in accordance to health/safety regulations
  • Purchase daycare supplies, including baby food, wipes & classroom needs

Food Excess/Trash

  • Disposing of all unused food properly
  • Taking out all food waste and trash daily before mopping kitchen
  • Requesting storage containers as needed

Other Skills Needed

  • Strong attention to detail/organization
  • Ability to micro-manage and multi-task
  • Strong communicator and team-player who can interact with director, staff & parents
  • Continual learner who is open to being trained in food service techniques and nutritional requirements
  • Hard-worker who is committed to doing a job with excellence

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $10.00 to $11.00 /hour


  • Regulations: 1 year (Preferred)

Overtime often available:

  • No