Executive Secretary

New Wave People - Albany, NY



M-F 9a-5p (unpaid lunch break)

  • Log in disciplinary grievance appeals and establish a file for each case.
  • Consult existing schedules of arbitrators and set up date of hearing for each grievance.
  • Process notifications of hearing dates to arbitrators, union representatives, appellants and State agency labor relations/personnel offices.
  • Assist the Employee Program Assistant in the preparation of case files for review by the arbitrators. Mail case files to arbitrators in time for adequate review before hearing.
  • Answer telephone inquiries from appellants, union representative and State agency management as to the status of grievances appeals and the scheduling of the hearings. Refer more complex inquiries to the Employee Program Assistant.
  • Assist in the monitoring of cases to ensure that the time frames required by the CSEA contracts for the hearings and decisions are being met. Bring tardiness of hearing decisions to the attention of the Employee Program Assistant for corrective action.
  • Produce notices of hearing decisions and send to appellants, union representatives and State agency labor relations/personnel offices.
  • Maintain electronic and paper files for pending cases, case decisions, correspondence and financial records.
  • As directed, prepare statistical reports on hearings and decisions.
  • Review in-coming correspondence, assemble relevant data from files and attach it to correspondence before forwarding to Employee Program Assistant.
  • Prepare responses to routine correspondence for own signature or signature by Employee Program Assistant as appropriate.
  • Maintain office supply cabinet and order supplies in accordance with agency requisition regulations.