Assistant General Counsel: Staten Island University Hospital

Northwell Health - Staten Island, NY4.0

Full-timeEstimated: $100,000 - $140,000 a year
As an Assistant Counsel for Staten Island University Hospital, you will provide general counsel and advice regarding legal aspects of the activities, contracts, policies, procedures, plans and objectives of the Health System. Consults with administrative and other personnel of the Health System regarding their legal obligations and duties; as well as with outside legal counsel, and other consultants, on legal matters affecting System affiliated entities and personnel.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Assists, advises and makes recommendations on the full scope of legal matters affecting the Health System and its affiliated hospitals and other corporations.
  • Understands and/or researches issues in the legal and business context in which they arise, seeks out information and colleagues to assist such understanding and responds to issues promptly, clearly and thoughtfully and objectively.
  • Understands and is aware of the variety of laws, regulations and case law which impact the operations of the Health System and its affiliated hospitals and corporations and keeps current with their evolution.
  • Strives to maintain an awareness of the activities of the Health System, its constituent hospital sand other corporations, in order to provide more comprehensive up-to-date legal advice.
  • Identifies areas which could benefit from proactive action by corporate and hospital personnel in order to minimize liability and other risks and works with such personnel to develop programs, policies and procedures to address the impact of such risks, laws and regulations.
  • Works closely and cooperatively with other members of the Legal Affairs Department, Health System personnel and outside professionals in formulating analyses, advice and recommendations and conveys recommendations in a clear and analytical manner.
  • Assists in making recommendations to Health System personnel on risk management practices and potential malpractice and other liability issues. Coordinates these recommendations with the Risk Management and Quality Management departments.
  • Acts as a liaison to ensure that the outside professionals fully understand the business context of the issues being addressed and Health System personnel understand the effect of the outside counsel’s legal analysis on their operations.
  • Assists in the development and revisions of various policies and procedures, including administrative policies and procedures, procedures relating to health information management and those particularly relevant to the System’s research efforts.
  • Promotes and participates, as requested in the development and implementation of corporate compliance efforts.
  • Assists with responses to investigations from outside regulatory agencies.
  • Assists with policy and contractual responses to a variety of issues relating to information technology and confidentiality collaboratively.
  • Works collaboratively in the administration of the Legal Affairs Department.
  • Monitors and reviews (as appropriate) work and performance of other members of the Legal Affairs Department.
  • Coordinates activities with other members of the Legal Affairs Department, fostering a team working environment.
  • Monitors activities and billings of outside legal counsel.
  • Develops policies and mechanisms to assist in the understanding and reduction of outside legal expenses.
  • Prepares, reviews, analyzes and negotiates contractual arrangements entered into by the hospitals and other corporations of the Health System including, but not limited to computer software license agreements, equipment purchase agreements, physician employment agreements, managed care agreements, financing agreements, sale and acquisition agreements, agreements to reduce savings by sharing reduction of expenses, affiliation and services agreements, research and licensing agreements.
  • Assesses, advises, and makes recommendations to Health System colleagues on the nature and risks of proposed and existing contractual arrangements.
  • Drafts and negotiates agreements which clearly and understandably reflect the relevant business and legal terms and conditions of the transactions.
  • Understands the range of agreements entered into by the corporations of the Health System, as well as the related specific terms and conditions and the business and legal implications.
  • Advises and instructs administrative and other personnel on the review and analysis of agreements for business and legal issues.
  • Identifies opportunities for the preparation of model agreements and forms, and prepares such agreements and forms for use by non-legal personnel of the Health System in order to expedite the conduct of business.
  • Provides backup to other department members in the preparation and negotiation of various agreements.
  • Prepares drafts and negotiates leases and purchase and sale agreements for the acquisition or disposition of Health System real estate property.
  • Assists the Office of Technology Transfer and the Feinstein Institute on matters concerning licensing and commercialization of Health System Technologies.
  • Provides advice on corporate governance, authority and organizational issues.
  • Assists in the preparation for corporate board and committee meetings, including, but not limited to preparation for corporate resolutions.
  • Prepares and revises corporate documents, including certificates of incorporation, certificates of amendment and bylaws.
  • Monitors corporate and medical staff activities for legal implications necessitating board, committee and/or other action, coordinating such action.
  • Attends committee and board meetings as requested and appropriate, assists committee and board members with activities requiring their consultation or approval.
  • Provides advice regarding the structure of affiliation arrangements within the Health System in order to best protect the interests of the System and its constituent hospitals and corporations, as well as the appropriate means to document such arrangements.
  • Assists in identifying potential private environment issues and other matters, which may affect the tax exempt status of the entities within the Health System.
  • Provides advice regarding employee benefits, pension and compensation issues.
  • Works with independent third parties to analyze physician compensation models to ensure they are commercially reasonable, consistent with fair market value, and meet Federal and State requirements.
  • Provides assistance with legal matters relating to the Medical Board and Medical Staff of and the patient care provided by the various hospitals affiliated with the Health System.
  • As counsel to the hospitals and medical boards, attends meetings including; Joint Conference/Professional Affairs Committees, the medical boards (as appropriate) and medical staff bylaws. Monitors medical board, committee and hospital activities for legal issues, provides advice on appropriate action for their resolution.
  • Provides advice to trustees, the medical boards, quality management department members, clinical department chairmen and directors and medical board representatives and other personnel with respect to the conduct of peer reviews, due process hearings and other medical staff matters.
  • Assists in the coordination of the activities of the due process hearing committees and the hearing and appellate process to maximize compliance with laws and procedures; assists in the development and revisions of appropriate and workable due process procedure.
  • Works collaboratively to prepare, in coordination with the members of the medical board bylaws committees, revisions to the medical staff bylaws, rules an regulations, as appropriate.
  • Provides advice concerning the impact of laws and regulations on various healthcare and medical staff related issues as they arise, including, but not limited to, issues relating to possible professional misconduct, patient complaints, advance directives, medical ethics, release of information and confidentiality issues.
  • Assists physicians, on-call administrators, department chairmen and other personnel in identifying and resolving legal issues as they arise in the patient care arena.
  • Prioritizes legal issues in the patient care setting so that they are handled promptly in support of the Health System’s mission for quality patient care.
  • Assists social work and discharge planning personnel in anticipating and proactively dealing with complex continuum of care and discharge planning matters, upon request.
  • Identifies potential litigation exposures and works with Risk Management, Quality Management, colleagues within Legal Affairs Department and other administrative staff, as well as outside professionals (when appropriate) to minimize risks arising from such exposures.
  • Assists in the supervision of matters which are referred to outside counsel.
  • Develops programs and presentations to educate staff members as to issues relating to their legal responsibilities, the rights of patients, compliance with law and the legal risks involved in their activities.
  • Assists medical records and other personnel in responding to subpoenas, court orders and other requests for medical records, patient and other information.
  • Assists with resolving issues related to the credentialing of various staff members.
  • Prepares documents for submission to court in connection with patient care, guardianship and mental hygiene matters.
  • Represents System Facilities in court proceedings.
  • Assists in administering legal activities in all areas affecting the Health System’s and its constituent hospitals and other corporation’s arrangements with institutional lenders.
  • Assists in the preparation, revision and negotiation of secured and unsecured financing arrangements and the relationships of the System, its constituent corporations and hospitals and their institutional and agency lenders.
  • Maintains an awareness of the interactions of outstanding debt and other instruments as well as other contractual arrangements, and provides advice on the impact of such interactions on proposed and existing transactions.
  • Assists, at the request of the Department of Finance, in issues relating to institutional financing after they have closed.
  • Provides assistance in legal matters relating to labor, employment and human rights issues affecting the Health System, its constituent hospitals and other corporations.
  • Assists in providing advice concerning the effect on the Health System, its constituent hospitals and corporations of various labor, employment and human rights laws, as well as obligations imposed by any collective bargaining agreements with labor organizations.
  • Assists in providing advice to the Health System, its constituent hospitals and other corporations concerning administrative policies, procedures and handbooks relating to human resource matters.
  • Assists in providing guidance to the Health System, its constituent hospitals and other corporations with respect to labor, employment and human rights issues as they relate to specific employees or groups of employees.
  • Assists in providing legal representation, either through the Legal Affairs Office staff or through retention of outside counsel, to the Health System, its constituent hospitals and other corporations, in collective bargaining, labor arbitrations, and litigation and administrative agency proceedings relating to employee complaints arising under labor, employment and human rights laws.
  • Graduate from Law school.
  • Admission to New York State Bar.
  • Previous experience in not-for-profit legal affairs, preferred.
  • Knowledge of Federal and State regulations regarding physician employment and compensation (i.e. Stark Law, Anti-Kick Back Law), preferred.
  • Must be computer literate
  • Previous experience within a hospital environment is highly preferred.
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