Collegiate Director

TeamFCA - Baltimore, MD4.6

Position Profile
The Collegiate Representative is responsible for providing spiritual leadership, direction, training, resources and support to campus coaches, athletes and volunteers to achieve the mission of FCA.

Job Purpose

Be the Spiritual Leader

Spend daily time in prayer and in the Word
Maintain accountability through relationships
Pursue integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence – privately and publicly
Seek worship and weekly involvement in a local church

In some cases:
Serve under the authority and assignment of the local church
Be a religious leader
Lead worship
Conduct bible study
Daily share Christ through word and life
Seek the Lord’s will for the ministry of FCA
Utilize reading and outside courses to increase leadership capacity
Seek feedback from supervisor and other FCA staff to improve ministry effectiveness
Implement the 4 C’s

Camping Ministry
Promote camps to coaches and athletes and develop plan to get them to camps
Develop plan for raising funds to scholarship athletes and coaches to camps
Encourage FCA staff working camps to involve athletes and coaches from the campus as huddle leaders and clinicians
Help direct or serve at statewide/regional FCA camps as assigned by supervisor
Campus Ministry
Pray for coaches, athletes and leaders on the campuses
Train and equip coaches and athletes to lead huddles
Ensure that the huddle reflects the diversity represented in the body of Christ
Provide opportunity for coaches and athletes to be involved in retreats/camps
Oversee ministry opportunities that may include, but not limited to, relationship building, leadership team, campus and team huddles, team ministries, coaches huddles
Seek to have a spirit of unity with other ministries on campus
Coaches Ministry
Pray for coaches on the campus
Connect with coaches and provide opportunities to join coach’s huddles
Identify coaches to minister to on the professional, personal, and spiritual levels
Facilitate coaches huddles and train up facilitators
Encourage coaches to attend FCA camps or retreats
Provide coaches with resources, books, tracts, etc.
Develop a plan to maintain regular contact with coaches
Community Ministry
Train and equips athletes and coaches to share their testimony at community events (i.e. Adult Chapter meetings, churches and other community events)
Train and equips college athletes to serve in and minister to local community huddles
Fund the Ministry
Implement Home Team plan (where applicable) focused on Automatic Monthly Partners (AMP) with training
Plan and organize donor ministry opportunities with the Area/State Director
Organize a Leadership Board (if applicable)
Recruit, train and empower area Leadership Board
Encourage board structure: terms, objectives and plans for Campus Leadership Boards
Ensure Leadership Boards and the Chairman are trained and equipped
Create Synergy Between the Area, Region and NSC
Participate in regularly scheduled conference calls with the Collegiate Director/Area Director and other Collegiate Reps in the area
Cultivate an environment where volunteers/board, Collegiate/Area/State Directors and NSC reflect “one mission, one message and one team"
See that all reports requested by NSC and field are delivered in a timely manner
Provide Training and Administration for the Campus
Train and equip administrative staff, volunteers, board members and coaches to lead in their ministry roles
Ensure all volunteers and coaches comply with FCA policies, guidelines and procedures
Lead the Campus in Pursuing International Opportunities
Understand FCA’s 5 International Strategies
Determine with the Regional International Coordinator how to best engage the area through the Pray/Give/Go focus
Grow Diversity of Staff and Volunteers on the Campus
Develop at least one significant relationship with a minority leader not on staff
Promote diversity on Leadership Board

Vision and Mission – can develop and communicate a vision for the ministry staff, volunteers, donors and board members. Guides and motivates others to support the FCA vision and mission
Values – Represents the FCA Core Values of Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence
Communication Skills – Can effectively communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings verbally and in writing. Can speak publically in a manner that inspires and motivates others to take action. Expresses self in clear, concise and understandable manner
Leadership – Builds an effective team and leads and empowers staff and volunteers to achieve the mission and goals of FCA
Coaching and Developing Volunteers – Holds volunteers accountable for performance and can analyze performance issues. Coaches and develops volunteers to impact performance
Problem Solving and Decision Making – Analyzes problems, generates alternatives, implements solutions and follows up
Result Orientation – Can organize people, resources and tasks to accomplish goals
Must have the maturity to set the spiritual tone for the area
Must exhibit capacity/potential for leading teams of volunteers – Teamwork
Must exhibit capacity for understanding and implementing a servant leader’s style of leadership – Serving
Must exhibit capacity/potential for program implementation (4 C’s), project management, fund raising and administration – Excellence
Must have demonstrated an authentic Christian lifestyle – Integrity
Agreement with FCA’s Statement of Faith
A clear understanding of the ministry of FCA (i.e. Vision, Mission, Values, Ministries, Ministry Distinctives and Fundamentals).

FCA employees shall be expected to model FCA’s Christian beliefs for the larger community, perform all of their duties as a service to God, and comply with the following obligations:

Beliefs: Each FCA employee shall affirm his or her agreement with FCA’s Statement of Faith and shall not subscribe to or promote any religious beliefs inconsistent with these beliefs.
Christian Conduct Standards: FCA employees shall at all times (both during working and non-working hours) endeavor to conduct themselves in a manner that affirms biblical standards of conduct in accordance with FCA’s Christian beliefs. Such conduct standards include FCA’s Youth Protection Policy and Sexual Purity Statement.
Distinctly Christian Activities: FCA employees shall be ready, willing, and able to lead or contribute to distinctly Christian activities such as lead worship, bible study and conduct prayer services.
Ministerial Duties: FCA employees shall daily spend time in prayer and in the Word, share Christ through word and life, and seek the Lord’s will for the ministry of FCA. FCA staff will worship and seek weekly involvement in a local church, be a religious leader and in some cases serve under the authority and assignment of the local church.
This position is at-will employment, meaning that either the employee or FCA can discontinue employment at any time, with or without notice and with or without cause. Also, FCA can modify this Position Description at any time. The Position Description does not create a contract (express or implied) or enforceable promise or representation.

Job Description & Activities
This position is to help develope and grow the reach at UMBC (University of MD, Baltimore County) through FCA.