Practice Manager

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A veterinary practice manager is charged with the responsibilities of managing the business activities of a veterinary hospital. A practice manager may have extremely different responsibilities and authority depending upon the size of the hospital and the ownership or administrator's delegation. Practice managers will have knowledge of all the responsibilities of a veterinary office manager and have the ability to further the management of a veterinary hospital by having direct authority and decision-making responsibilities over all business aspects of the veterinary practice.A typical veterinary hospital practice manager may have the following responsibilities:

✔Plans for optimal staffing to assure maximum productivity and service.

✔Directly recruits, interviews and hires support staff personnel.

✔Supervises support staff personnel and acts as the direct authority regarding disciplinary procedures, discharging, and all the legal responsibilities of employment.

✔Schedules personnel and is responsible for support staff personnel employment benefits. ✔Assures that personnel are properly trained for their position.

✔Maintains a thorough set of employment policies and employee manual.

✔Mediates all personnel problems, maintains employee motivation and structures continuing education for support staff personnel.

Patient/Client Production:
✔The veterinary hospital practice manager is responsible for seeing that success is achieved with each client interaction with the veterinary hospital staff.

✔The hospital manager will use the tools of education, motivation, structuring, scheduling, coordinating, evaluation, and analysis to achieve optimal client satisfaction from the veterinary hospital services and staff.

✔Developing and accomplishing a hospital marketing program.

✔Oversees the building and equipment maintenance and housekeeping standards.

✔Either directly prepares or supervises preparation of all business accounting reports and transactions. Audit both the preparer and hospital personnel performance to assure that proper methods and techniques are being used.

✔Review and/or prepare all accounts payable and receivable to confirm that each is handled correctly and timely.

✔Periodically reviews fee schedules for services, products and increases or changes as necessary.

✔Establishes hospital budgets and projections for growth.

✔Reviews and/or purchases supplies and equipment assuring that a periodic review is made to assure that optimal prices are obtained.

Qualifications and Skills

Management Experience

Customer Experience

Inventory Management

Recruiting, Hiring, Training