Spectrum Community Services - Wyoming, MI (30+ days ago)3.4

Creates a comfortable, friendly and professional environment for all individuals served by the agency, visitors and other employees. Provides communication flow for the office. Supports the organization through document processing, information routing and tracking, and office operations. Identifies opportunities for improvement and actively participates in their implementation.

Ability to successfully complete training required for position.
The ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing, in a clear concise manner.
Completion of the personnel hiring requirements specified in the conditional job offer at the time of hire.
Three references deemed acceptable to Spectrum.
Current valid driver’s license.
Knowledge of computers and word processing and data entry.
At least sixteen years of age.

Individual Support
Is familiar with individuals and population served by the agency, creates a welcoming environment for all people.
Is supportive to the individuals served when working, in both the office and other work locations.
Works with individuals support team in supporting Person Centered Planning through planning tasks, such as document preparation and distribution of plan.
Provides support to other staff in preparing or sending outgoing communications.
Provides technical support to others on the operation of office equipment.
Presents a positive agency impression as the primary greeter for guests.
Provides assistance and or directing/forwarding telephone calls/messages, guests, other communications to other staff in a helpful and friendly manner.
Updates individuals’ information, agency data and distributes.
Assists with office facilities management and office equipment usage.
Completes word processing.
Regularly updates reports – information such as: consumer information.
Coordinates meeting schedule and prepares conference rooms.
Processes and routes information such as: incident reports, mail, faxes, and completes filing.
Responds to information seeking calls and directs telephone calls.
Provides assistance to applicants.
Maintains adequate supply of agency forms
Ensures office appearance is clean and organized.
Completes all other duties as assigned by Adminstrator.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Participates with other staff on tasks and tracking of information.
Monitors office processes and looks for accuracy, efficiency and system improvement.
Participates in implementation of Continuous Quality Improvement plans. Makes plans part of how work is done every day.