Echo Cardiographer, Full Time, Day Shift


Job Summary
Under the general guidance of the Cardiologists and Director provides quality diagnostic cardiac imaging services with a patient focused approach. The technologist will demonstrate knowledge in the current concepts of his/her field(s) performing at a level of competence that allows independent thought and action. Applies critical thinking to managing patients, assuring appropriate care based on patient needs using age specific assessment, communications, and knowledge of physical and mental capabilities. Weekend and holidays are required. Provides care to the following populations: Pediatric, Adults, Geriatrics. May be required to work various shifts based on the demands of the department. Weekend and holidays are required. May be required to work various shifts based on the demands of the department.

General Responsibilities

  • Upholds the organizations' Mission, Values and Goals by adhering to the NHS Standards of Performance.
  • Consistently produces films/tapes/strips of optimal diagnostic quality through proper machine manipulation, patient positioning, identification, and proper processing in: Echocardiography, TEE, Stress Testing, Holter Scanning and EKG.
  • Consistently demonstrates a thorough knowledge of cardiac structure, patient care, positioning, principles of image production, and specialized techniques required of an echocardiology technologist. Able to perform special views as needed or requested.
  • Demonstrates competence in the use of all equipment required of an echocardiology technologist. Assures equipment is functioning properly; reports/repairs equipment malfunctions. Uses equipment in a safe manner to avoid breakage or damage.
  • Appropriately educates patient about procedure to reduce anxiety and gain cooperation. Consistently documents education in chart.
  • Provides appropriate exam by evaluating requisition for exam ordered, diagnosis, and other special notes. Provides interpreter with information pertinent to the exam.
  • Makes timely appropriate decisions and acts through empowerment to handle situations to resolution and/or refer to appropriate person(s) when necessary.
  • Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for own professional practice. Knows and adheres to policies and procedures, performing in a professional and ethical manner at all times.
  • Promotes team spirit and cooperation, demonstrating acceptable peer rapport and self-control. Works well independently and as a team member. Demonstrates a positive attitude toward the work environment as demonstrated by good rapport with peers, patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

  • Echocardiology registry required
  • CPR certified
  • Flexible, willing to work in non-primary area as need arises.
  • Willing to perform non-traditional functions, remaining within general scope of practice.
  • Self-directed
  • Evidence of: a) Effective Communications; b) Self Motivation; c) Problem Solving Skills; d) Accountability; e) Flexibility

  • Echocardiology registry required.