Oracle Tuning DBA

Zione Solutions LLC - Pasadena, CA


Looking for a Application Tuning DBA

Demonstrating expert knowledge of SQL Tuning, possessing the ability to identify run-time performance problems with resource intensive long-running and parallel SQL statements, and to troubleshoot and resolve complex queries to tune/re-write for high performance.

Excellent working Knowledge of Explain Plan, SQL Tracing, TKProf, OEM SQL Monitoring, AWR, ADDM, ASH.

Familiarity with Exadata features:

  • SQL Tuning Set (STS)
  • SQL Performance Analyzer
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Management
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • I/O Resource Management (IORM/DBRM)
  • Real-time SQL monitoring using OEM


  • Perform SQL analysis and evaluate database performance to maximize efficiencies and take advantage of tuning opportunities.
  • Research and participate in the implementation of new database features.
  • Interpret business and/or process requirements and create physical database designs of moderate complexity. This may include multiple components of a system and/or a collection of tables for an application.
  • Work with and provide recommendations to application development teams to appropriately restructure data for maximum efficiency.
  • Perform complex database maintenance such as, but not limited to, executing complex, corrective action database utilities, designing script structures, appropriately defining indexes, analyzing requirements, and designing database access paths to meet performance requirements.
  • May be on-call for urgent issues.

Qualifications / Required Skills:

  • 12+ years of experience with Oracle 11g/12c.
  • Very Strong database development experience using Oracle 11g/10g.
  • Expert in SQL & PL/SQL modules such as packages, procedures, functions and other database objects.
  • Expert in SQL Tuning of application code at the database level.
  • Experience in Unix/Linux and Shell scripting.
  • Good Knowledge of DBA skills using Oracle 11g/10g.
  • Good Knowledge of Data Modeling Concepts using Relational / Object Models and technique.
  • Excellent oral/written communication skills.
  • Excellent working Knowledge of Explain Plan, SQL Tracing, TKProf, OEM SQL Monitoring, AWR, ADDM, ASH

Preferred Skills:

  • Accustomed to working in clustered RAC environments.
  • Accustomed to working in Exadata environments.
  • Experience in setting up Oracle Data Guard.
  • Worked with large databases (TB).
  • UNIX batch file scripting.

Job Type: Contract


  • 12c: 8 years (Preferred)
  • Oracle DBA: 10 years (Preferred)
  • SQL Tuning: 10 years (Preferred)
  • OEM 13c: 5 years (Preferred)