Oregon Army National Guard Soldier

Oregon Army National Guard - Colton, OR

Full-time | Part-time | Contract$1,500 - $3,500 a month

Now offering $20,000 to select MOS's

All Oregon Army National Guard soldiers are now eligible for 100% tuition assistance for all state-funded schools

Will provide paid training to motivated individuals in specialized fields such as mechanics, culinary, transportation, medical, plumbing, electricians, refrigeration, and communication. Today's employers are looking for workers who are already trained in a field and expect them to have specialized skills before they even think of hiring them. In the Oregon Army National Guard, we will train you in hundreds of job fields that employers are looking for such as transportation, mechanics, plumbing, construction, communications, food service, and much more.

Want to break out of the norm? We also have positions for infantry, combat engineers, and field artillery! Most places will charge you to learn a new skill, but in the National Guard, we will pay you full time while you train! If you are serious about getting a head start in life, consider becoming a part of our team!

Benefits: - GI Bill $350 a month while in college.- Federal Tuition Assistance $4,500 per year for College- Full health and dental care benefits while at training.- Get up to $50,000 to repay your student loans.- Discounted health and dental coverage available to guard members. Tricare Health Insurance $52 a month for a single person or $200 a month for family. Metlife Dental Insurance is $11 a month.

- No experience required -

We will provide world-class training in one of the hundreds of marketable job skills.- Get paid while you train -- Earn $1500 to $3500 per month based on rank and dependents, expense free.- Continue working or going to College part time or full time while still serving as a soldier.- Military base privileges and discounts.- Give back to your community and your country.- Become a part of the family that is the Oregon Army National Guard! Positions available in Portland, Hillsboro, Clackamas, Salem, McMinnville, and many more locations.

Basic Qualifications: - Age 17 to 34- Good moral character.- Good physical health.- High school diploma or GED- High school juniors and seniors ok - No Felonies Allowed, One time charges for Marijuana possession are able to apply for a waiver. Ask about additional benefits and opportunities for college degree holders!

Serve your community by joining our team. We are citizen soldiers. We are teachers, policemen, students, everyday citizens who serve one weekend per month.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract