Floor Service Rep-FSR

Parkwest Casino 580 - Livermore, CA (30+ days ago)

Floor Service Representative at Parkwest Casinos monitors and executes primary functions of the casino floor. A successful FSR leads team members on the casino floor by creating efficient and fair dealer rotations, enforcing established on table policies and procedures, and demonstrates exemplary customer service to our customers in accordance with Parkwest Casino’s Culture of Excellence. FSR’s are expected to maintain the integrity of all offered games by making consistent table rulings in the best interest of the game. FSR’s are responsible for establishing and changing (lowering and raising) betting limits to maximize on table gaming revenue. In addition, all Parkwest Casino team members are expected to provide excellent customer service to our valued guests.

Performance Objectives

1. Reads and understands collection structures for all games before working a shift unattended.

2. Reads and understands all break/lunch break labor laws before working a shift unattended.

3. Reads and understands all Parkwest Casino house rules and policies and procedures within 2 weeks of employment.

4. Effectively learns software system within 1 week of employment.

5. Commits to greet each customer by name within 1 month of employment.

6. Can generate a fair and efficient dealer rotation with 1 month of employment.

7. Will understand when and why to open tables within 1 month of employment.

8. Contributes with ideas and thoughts on how to improve functionality and efficiency of the gaming floor to management within 6 months of employment.