Shipping & Receiving Assistant I

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Shipping & Receiving Assistant I

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June 3, 2019

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CSUEU (Unit 2, 5, 7, 9)

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The Library Administration Office provides services to the University Library, its faculty, staff and students in the areas of Public Relations and Community Outreach, Staff Development and Training, Budget and Finance, Human Resources, Building Security, Safety and Emergency Preparedness, General Administrative Support, Shipping and Receiving of equipment, mail, and supplies, Operational equipment, Facilities Management, and Advocacy.

The Shipping and Receiving Assistant I will walk or use library van to designated access gate locations to escort vendors to and from allowing appropriate access to the library shipping/receiving dock; load and unload large shipments and store in appropriate storage areas; inspect shipments for damage and conformance to invoice, purchase order, packing list and/or shipping documents; refuse receipt of items that are not addressed to the library, or damaged; deliver materials to departments using work equipment such as push cart/baskets, pallet jack, and flat- bed trucks; and keep records of shipping and receiving items in order to confirm receipt of items; and handle requisition, store and inventory shipping materials and supplies. The incumbent will maintain clean and orderly work area to ensure a safe environment; verify shipments with purchase orders, and investigate any item/part not received; notify vendor of missing item(s), and follow-up on any item(s) not received; notify purchaser (library unit) of missing items; check in all equipment ordered; deliver to appropriate Library unit(s) and verify that all items (if necessary) have been tagged by campus. With general/shipping and receiving, the incumbent will unpack materials, sort and separate periodicals from newspapers, deliver to BAS and place on designated table for check-in person(s); for newspapers, incumbent will unpack/unroll material, and deliver to BAS and place on designated table for check-in person(s); for serials, incumbent will unpack materials. Check for invoice or packing slip; If included, place inside of book, deliver to BAS and place on the added volume shelf; for general processing, incumbent will package and return, any defective materials/equipment, or books to library vendors upon request; apply procurement practices, procedures and mail specifications as needed to conform with campus policies; confer and correspond with library personnel to determine shipping methods using USPS, FedEx or UPS; report/rectify problems with shipments as soon as they occur; quarterly collect and pack pre-determined used books from the library used books shop and ship to Better World Books. With Library Supplies, the incumbent will receive, unpack and store general library supplies; deliver library supplies and book shipments to inter-departmental offices, or inventory and store for future requests; ensure security of supplies, equipment, or materials; responsible for arranging supplies for ease of operation and accessibility; maintain inventory records for library supplies associated with the receipt and delivery of items; heck and compare supplies received with invoices, purchase orders and/or requisitions; prepare department purchase orders and forward to Library Office; contact vendors to obtain price quotes and to place orders as needed; recommend to Library Dean and/or Library Departments cost avoidance/cost savings policies and procedures for consumable supplies. With event set-up/tear-down requests, the incumbent will meet with library faculty or staff as well as faculty or staff from other campus departments, to go over submitted Event Set up requests and the plans they have for their set-up; verify any items or equipment needs they may have; let them know if their request can be accommodated, or if it has to be modified; if there is a special request, the dean's approval is required and if approved or declined, the incumbent will contact the requester to make them aware; go over any changes needing to be made to the set-up agreement, and finalize the plan; two days (time may vary due to time restraints) prior to the event, set up the space/area; event set up requests include any one or all of the following: Table and chair set up and or rearranging, moving an entire room/area; around (tables, chairs, books cases, display cases, study tables, podiums, speakers, screens and projectors), and bringing in more equipment if necessary (all of which takes precise planning, and allowing plenty of time). With responsibilities of a P-Card, the incumbent will purchase supplies online thru various vendors in addition to going off campus (via the library van) to make purchases at various locations in person using the P-card Visa credit card; reconcile all receipts at the end of each month; and if there are discrepancies on the P-Card bank statement, call the vendor to get the discrepancies corrected. The incumbent will assist library staff with moving furniture; disassemble shelving ranges; disassemble study carrels and assemble new furniture as needed; discard old/worn furniture; pick up donations from on and off campus locations; repair or discard library book trucks; perform preventive maintenance of various items in the library; assist with library projects as needed; attend environmental health & safety meetings and partake in the required online courses as well as Conflict of interest training; send proofs of printed materials to graphics for public or internal use; keep all study rooms stocked with white board erasers and pens; twice a year (Daylight savings times) change the time and batteries on all clocks throughout the library; repair any white boards and/or their trays throughout the library; replace supplies as needed; install and uninstall signage throughout the library and hang and remove various pieces of art/artwork throughout the library. With Kyocera department copiers; all reports of any issues with the copiers are reported to the Shipping/Receiving Assistant; the issue will be verified and a decision will be made as to whether a service call is needed or not; if necessary, a service call will be made for a technician to come out; the toner cartridges are changed as needed as well as the overflow toner container is emptied when full; and due to the toner cartridges being set up for order under a contract, all orders are placed and often in advance as to always have a supply on hand. With the Library vans, the incumbent will use it to purchase and pick up supplies from various vendors; schedule the library van for regular maintenance services as well as any problem/pop-up services required; wash and gas the van on a regular basis; keep log of millage/usage and report once a month to facilities; keep log of dents, damage(s) or repairs needed to the van and report to library administration; drive the library dean as well as library faculty/staff to meeting locations on campus; responsible for van usage requests by other library staff; schedule the usage, know who has it, and when it will return; and pick up book donations. The incumbent will buy ahead towards the end of each fiscal year (usually April), purchase supplies that are needed to get through the first couple of months of the new fiscal year; email each library department's supply liaison, asking for their department supply request; research online, the Campus Marketplace, or other sites/vendors for the best prices; and place orders first from campus, and second from any outside vendor. With 3M Gate and self check out machines, all reports of any issues with this equipment are reported to the Shipping/Receiving Assistant; the issue will be verified and a decision will be made as to whether a service call is needed or not; if a service call is needed, an appointment will be made. At times a service tech will call to see if the issue can be fixed remotely; incumbent will stay on the phone with the technician until the issue is resolved; and if it cannot be resolved remotely, a technician will come out to service the equipment.

High School Diploma or equivalent AND two (2) years of experience in a storeroom or warehouse in the performance of work involving the receipt, storage, and issuance of a variety of supplies, material, and equipment. Prospective applicants who have not had the experience listed may be considered eligible based on other evidence of meeting the minimum qualifications. General knowledge of storekeeping methods and practices including packing and shipping a wide variety of commodities. Ability to keep receiving, shipping and inventory records; rapidly learn and apply CSU procurement practices, procedures and materials specifications; plan and oversee the work of others; forecast supply needs of routine items; prepare simple reports; read and write at a level appropriate to the duties of the position; make mathematical calculations; and, establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with suppliers, CSU employees and others.

One year of general office clerical work, stock clerk work, or shipping and delivery service work.

A background check must satisfactorily be completed before a candidate can be offered this position. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the application status of applicants or continued employment of current CSU employees who apply for this position. The background check consists of the following: Employment verification, education verification, reference checks, and checks of the following systems and databases: National Social Security Number/Address Locator, Felony/Misdemeanor, National Criminal Database, Federal Criminal, Department of Motor Vehicles, and National Sex Offender Registry.

Cal Poly Pomona is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. The university subscribes to all state and federal regulations and prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity/gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability, genetic information, medical condition, and covered veteran status.

Cal Poly Pomona hires only individuals lawfully authorized to work in the United States. In compliance with state and federal crime awareness and campus security legislation, including The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act, California Education Code section 67380, and the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), the Cal Poly Pomona Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available at:

Cal Poly Pomona is a smoke and tobacco-free campus. Please refer to the link below for policy information.

The person holding this position is considered a 'mandated reporter' under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act and is required to comply with the requirements set forth in CSU Executive Order 1083 as a condition of employment.