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Paralegal Level II

The Contractor shall identify employees that are more experienced paralegals (Paralegals Level II) to serve as Team Leads. The Board anticipates approximately four Paralegals Level II to serve in this role but is open to plans that would call for more Team Leads. A graduate of an accredited college or university or recipient of paralegal certification with at least one year of experience as a paralegal or in related field this category encompasses paraprofessional personnel with professional skills to provide assistance to Senior Counsel, Counsel, and Associate Counsel in their respective undertaking of legal matters and with coordination skills to arrange legal project teams. The responsibilities of the Paralegal Level II include all the duties of a Paralegal Level I as well the ability to prioritize and work under a tight schedule, basic software knowledge, and in-depth knowledge of legal terminology and principles.

Minimum requirements include the following:

  • Must possess a demonstrated ability to analyze documents to extract selected information.
  • Provide apprentice-level examination of legal instruments.
  • Review legal instruments (completeness of information, proper execution).
  • Conduct research and obtain additional information related to specific cases.
  • Determine correctness of action (per Government regulations, procedures, etc.).
  • Research records (to ascertain conditions that might preclude action).
  • Provide information on instruments.
  • Provide assistance on instruments.
  • Gather facts for cases and routine reports.
  • Perform initial review of petitions.
  • Verify citations and legal references on legal documents.
  • Complete a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) background investigation.
  • Has premium writing and oral communications skills.


  • Receipt of Files to be Reviewed

Receive claims file for legacy claims: Information packages shall be delivered electronically to the Contractor via Boards document review software, which Contractor shall use to review and label relevant documents. Contractor shall prioritize and complete packages based on date received and docket order.

  • Review for Unaddressed Administrative Action

Contractor shall ensure all necessary administrative actions have been completed. In certain cases, administrative actions must be performed by the Agency of Original Jurisdiction (AOJ) or Board administrative staff, however, these tasks are not always completed. Therefore, it is necessary for the Contractor to conduct a quality check to ensure package completeness. In the event any of these issues are found to be unaddressed, Contractor shall flag all incomplete items and notify the Board’s Administrative Support staff so they can act to complete the package. The Contractor shall use the Board’s proprietary software to send unaddressed issues to the Board’s Administrative Support Staff. See Attachment A, SOP Checking for Outstanding Admin Actions.

As detailed in Attachment A, SOP for Checking Outstanding Admin Actions, issues listed below, if found, should be forwarded to the Board’s administrative staff for resolution. In that event, there is no need to complete Task 6.1 Section III, contractor should move on to completing the Review Memorandum and Indicating Review is Complete Task 6.1 Section IV.

  • Pending mail not uploaded
  • Freedom of Information Act or Privacy Request unaddressed
  • Extension Request unaddressed
  • Case outside of working docket range
  • Address mismatch
  • New evidence with no waiver
  • Hearings with no attached transcript or held by a retired judge.
  • Outstanding Issue with Representation
  • Co-located Veterans Service Organization is the Representative in a non-hearing case and no Informal Hearing Presentation in claims file.
  • Outstanding hearing request
  • Unaddressed substitution
  • Untranslated documents

III. Relevant Document Review

Contractor shall review all submitted documentation and flag and label all relevant documents based on the issues on appeal. See Attachment B, Tagging and Tabbing Procedures.

  • The Contractor shall use standard naming conventions to label each document as detailed in Attachment B
  • The Contractor shall identify the date of the document.
  • The relevant documents identified by the Contractor shall include:
  • Informal Hearing Presentations (IHP) or Hearing Testimony
  • VA Form 8

iii. Supplemental Statement of the Case (SSOC)

  • Form 9 or document accepted in lieu of Form 9 (Substantive Appeal)
  • Request for or Cancellation of hearings
  • Statement of the Case (SOC)

vii. Notice of Disagreement (NOD)

viii. Rating Decision on Appeal

  • Claim form or other jurisdictional document
  • Rating Decisions within one year of the decision on appeal
  • VA Form 21-22 or 21-22a

xii. DD-214/Report of Discharge

xiii. Prior Board or Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) decisions/remands

xiv. VA medical records

  • Private medical records

xvi. Service Treatment Records (STRs)

xvii. Death certificates

xviii. Social Security records

xix. Lay statements and arguments from the Veteran/appellant, associates and family members

  • VA Memoranda, such as summaries of stressor development or notations of missing records

xxi. Form 3101 PIES/DPRIS/JSRRC responses

xxii. Documents establishing special interest files, e.g. Radiation, Herbicide, Military Sexual Trauma, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.

xxiii. Service Personnel Records (SPRs)

  • Completing Review Memorandum and Indicating Review is Complete

Following completion of review of a claims file, either through the finding of an unaddressed administrative action (Task 6.1 Section II) or the flagging of all relevant documents (Task 6.1 Section III), Contractor shall complete a Review Memorandum indicating what, if any, administrative actions were found, the issues on appeal and the date of the associated rating decision for each issue, and a brief summary of Veteran/appellant’s contentions and the important evidence in the case. This information will be provided on the Review Memorandum Template, which will be provided to the Contractor by the Board. See Attachment C, Review Memorandum Template. Contractor shall upload all completed Review Memorandum to the associated Veteran/appellant’s VACOLS appeals record within one (1) business day of completion of claims file review. In the event VACOLS is replaced by another system Contractor will upload the Review Memoranda to the associated Veteran/appellant’s VACOLS appeals record in the replacement system. The Board will make modifications to this document as necessary to support this project.

Once completed and the Memorandum is uploaded, the Contractor shall indicate the claims file is ready for the Board by using a check box, pull down, or similar functionally that shall indicate such in the user interface they will be using to review the documents. In the event such functionality is unavailable, the Contractor shall track completed claims file reviews in an Excel spreadsheet and provide a list of completed reviews weekly. This list shall be provided to the COR by 12:00PM ET Monday of each week.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: $26.47 /hour