Biomed Equipment Tech I

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Renovo Solutions LLC _ * is dedicated to providing integrated and innovative systems and services, which offer responsive Solutions to the evolving needs of the medical equipment community. RENOVO is committed to fostering a supportive work environment, encouraging employees to achieve their potential in ways that serve the needs of our customers, suppliers, and each other.

Summary - Biomedical Equipment Technician :
A BMET 1 is usually an entry-level position and up to 2 years of practical experience and is usually assigned responsibility for the general patient care equipment in a Hospital or Ambulatory care facility. The BMET 1 is responsible for all scheduled maintenance activities and corrective service requests assigned to him/her. Because of the close daily relationship and interaction with the customer facility’s staff, BMET 1’s must have excellent organizational and customer service skills. Close supervision is provided to ensure service quality is maintained and continued development of the BMET 1’s knowledge and skills are progressing. The BMET 1 is often assigned tasks within facility Medical Equipment Projects and reports directly to the Account Manager or Senior Biomedical Technician assigned to each facility.

Specific Responsibilities :
Must exhibit self-motivation and personal relations skills. The individual must be able to deal with professionals in a Clinical setting, establish appropriate work priorities and schedules, in a manner sensitive to both the customer and co-workers. While working with the responsible manager, the BMET 1 is responsible for communicating work status along with any problems, scheduling issues or incomplete service activities that require management attention.
Must take responsibility for clerical needs, including completeness and accuracy of service reports, filing, tracking of Scheduled Maintenance (SM) and repair services, monthly status reports, notification to departments of overdue and incomplete SMs and equipment inventory reports.
Initiates service requests to outside vendors as required and tracks service completion including documentation.
Where applicable, assists in the tracking of SM service activities of vendors and processing additions/deletions to the medical equipment inventory. Communicates with appropriate support staff pro-actively to assure customer satisfaction with the Renovo Clinical Engineering program. Reviews budgetary reports and contract inventories for accuracy.
Must work independently to accomplish all assigned SMs while balancing repair calls as required as well as completion of all related paperwork.
Must respond to all urgent requests for service verbally within 15 minutes. Must prioritize new requests with the balance of open repairs and schedule accordingly.
Performs all assigned non-invasive repairs. Performs as many as possible of any required invasive repairs on-site. Arranges for completion of the balance of the invasive repairs.
Orders and tracks all necessary parts for repairs using the approved purchasing method for the account. Demonstrates good judgment on which repairs are attempted on-site.
Maintains timely and accurate knowledge of equipment status through the proper use of department schedules, inventories and SM schedules.
Responsible for inventory control. Must accurately track and report all additions, deletions, and changes including accuracy of department inventories and SM schedules.
Must exhibit good customer relations skills. A close daily relationship with the customer results in a high level of customer satisfaction and perception of value per dollar cost. Company image is perceived primarily through contact with the customer and on-site personnel.
Must work closely with Renovo Account Managers and Regional Directors to keep them informed of account status. This must include SM status, repair status, level and type of special interests and customer concerns and problems.
Provides, or assists in providing, user in-service training and new equipment evaluation as requested.
Tracks safety and quality related issues as required by the facility including hazard notifications, equipment failures related to patient safety, manufacturer recall and mandatory equipment notifications and upgrades. Attends Environment of Care/ Safety Committee meetings as requested by the facility.
Learns new maintenance skills quickly, usually with a demonstration.
Operates and maintains test equipment to high standards. Tracks test equipment, parts inventory and other on-site Renovo assets as assigned. Maintains accurate quantity and locations for all company assets under his/her control.
Must be available for after-hours service calls and participate in the on-call rotation if asked to do so.
Performs other duties as assigned. **
** Important Note . If you were previously employed as a member of the staff at this facility, this list of duties supersedes any other list of duties that you were assigned at that time. If the customer asks you to perform a task that is outside of the scope of those listed above, you must refer that request to your immediate (Renovo) supervisor, who must formally authorize and document this change in the scope of your duties.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities :
High school diploma or equivalent required.
A.S. Degree in Biomedical or Electronics Technology or equivalent preferred.
An internship experience is expected in a Hospital or Ambulatory Care setting related to in the service and maintenance of medical equipment.
Exceptional organizational skills required.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills required.

Physical Demands :
Prolonged standing and walking.
Frequent bending, stooping, reaching and lifting.
Occasional squatting, climbing stairs, crouching and kneeling.
Frequently lifts and carries up to 50 pounds.

Working Conditions :
Occasional exposure to moving equipment.
Exposures: Biohazards, dust, electronic and bacterial cleaners.
Protective equipment required: Gloves, gowns, mask, and goggles.

Equipment Used :
Personal computer.
Service test equipment and tools.

Administration :
Submit timely and accurate service reports, time sheets, expense reports, film badges and other paperwork as assigned.
Understand and observe company policies and accounting procedures.
Be a professional liaison between the company and the customer to solve all of their problems.

Relationships :
Utilize teamwork in your daily activity and ensure customer satisfaction.

Other :
Safety – Understand and follow good safety procedures:
Radiation Electrical
Mechanical Magnetic
Tools and test equipment – Maintain all company-owned and leased equipment in good working conditions and ensuring to have them serviced and calibrated as required.
Housekeeping – Maintain a clean, orderly appearance of all work areas, including office, toolbox and job site.
Personal appearance – Service personnel must observe company dress code at all times and must have good personal hygiene.
Driver’s license – Must maintain an active driver’s license in the state of operation.