Support Enforcement Aide - Online

Minnesota Merit System - Minnesota

Full-time$2,500 - $4,600 a month
Classification Summary
Under general supervision, obtains accurate information, documents and collects genetic materials for use in establishing paternity and child support orders with the State of Minnesota; initiates the sanction process on child care and public assistance for uncooperative custodial parents; enters required information into the computer system to ensure data integrity and determine next case action; monitors accounts for compliance with court ordered payment plans; opens and closes cases; may maintain a specialized caseload; and performs related work as assigned.

Examples of Duties
  • Evaluates and processes a caseload in order to proceed with legal actions in proper jurisdictions by identifying and obtaining sufficient documentation required for child support officers to establish court orders for child support or paternity, or proceed with support enforcement actions.• Requests paternity affidavit and/or financial statements from custodial parent/non custodial parent in person, by phone and/or through written correspondence.
  • Arranges interviews and appointments for genetic testing of alleged fathers, mother and child to establish paternity.
  • Reviews court orders establishing support payments and updates the computer system which generates billings, case management reports and statistical reports.
  • Enters data into computer system.
  • Interview applicants to obtain factual information in completing the necessary paperwork and to open and maintain IV-D case files.
  • Investigates the identity, location and financial status of absent parents by making telephone and written inquiries to individuals and agencies and reviewing relevant case files.
  • Researches corroborating databases to verify and obtain current drivers' license, wage match, address and employer information for the custodial and non-custodial parents; researches public assistance status, Social Security information and any related child support cases.
  • Audits the files, ensuring that the court order and judgment are docketed correctly.
  • Analyzes accounts by calculating support due, support paid, reviewing payments to ensure that balances due are correct and reviews accounts to ensure that billing information is correct.
  • Monitors on-going accounts for compliance with court orders and recommends action with regard to delinquent accounts, i.e., income withholding, referring case to child support officer to pursue court remedy.
  • Responds to written and phone inquiries from custodial and non-custodial parents, other staff, counties, states, attorneys and payers of funds.
  • Prepares monthly caseload statistics for supervisor to ensure that program deadlines are met.
  • Handles case correspondence and performs necessary case maintenance.
  • Assists in implementing program changes as mandated by the legislature and Department of Human Services.
Minimum Qualifications
High school diploma, or equivalent, and three years of increasingly responsible clerical experience or experience working with the public.

Examination Process

In order to be considered for this job, you must take and pass an examination, which is offered online. The examination consists of two (2) sections measuring Support Enforcement Aide office scenarios and name and number proofing skills. After your Merit System application has been submitted, you will be sent an e mail with a unique link to access the examination sections. Set aside enough time (about an hour) to take this examination in its entirety (in one sitting). If you click out of a section before completing it - it will score the unanswered questions as "0s" zeros and you will not be given credit.

You will have a limited number of days from the date you submitted your application to complete the exam. However, please note that if you are applying for a specific county vacancy, you should check the county's special posting for more information on the exam completion deadline. Please allow at least one (1) hour in order to take the exam and the 2 sections in its entirety as required.

If a passing score is obtained, your score will remain on the eligible list up to one year (or until you are hired into a permanent position). You will not need to re-take this online examination if you have obtained a passing score of at least 70. If you have any changes to your application, such as updating your availability, please notify the Merit System directly.