Playground Supervisor/Lunchroom Aide

Somerset Berkley and Somerset Public Schools - Somerset, MA (30+ days ago)

JOB GOAL: Lunchroom AideTo help establish and maintain a calm and pleasant atmosphere in the cafeteria so that students may find mealtime a time to relax after the tasks of the morning and to refresh themselves for the tasks of the afternoon.Playground Supervisorto enable students, through meaningful playground leadership, to enjoy the group interaction and physical exercise which are an integral part of the district educational program.PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.Organizes students into orderly lines for purchasing food, and sees that they go to assigned tables.2.Helps students develop and observe proper dining habits, both in terms of etiquette and nutrition.3.Assists younger students with use of utensils when needed.4.Organizes students for orderly disposal of food waste, trays, and utensils.5.Organizes groups for orderly dismissal from the lunchroom.6.Circulates among the tables during the meal period so as to be available to help children who need help and to resolve any minor problems that arise.7.Informs any attending teacher at once of any serious infraction of disciplinary rules by students.8.Calls immediately for an attending teacher in the event of any argument involving more than two students; any incident involving physical confrontation; and any incident that appears to be of more than monetary disruption.9.Supervises students at playtime and maintains a harmonious atmosphere on the playground.10.Organizes group games and activities.11.Assumes responsibility for play equipment.12.Takes part in in-service training programs13.Directs the movement of groups to and from the playground.