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You may see similar job postings to this request. This is from a higher ed partner that has multiple student with the same needs. Feel free to respond to multiple jobs with this description, however please know that the institution will only pay for 1:1 instruction, not group sessions. "Student is having trouble using R for frequency tables, crosstabs, comparison of means tables, linear regression, logistic regression, tests of statistical significance, and overall familiarity with R. The student should try to complete the above tasks using functions and data found in the "poliscidata" package because those functions are aligned with the student's textbook. The student should have a set of practice problems to work through with the tutor. Tutors should not help the student to perform any tasks involving CCES data. Students who use the CCES data are in violation of the academic honesty policy of the course. Similarly, the student should not engage the tutor's services between November 12 and November 17. That would also violate the course's academic honesty policy." Student needs a tutor for around $40/hr.

R Tutoring & Teaching opportunities available in Atlanta, GA starting at $25-$50/hr.

  • Apply to become a tutor listed on Wyzant to help this student and other students in your community
  • Work with a variety of students in your best subjects
  • Spend more time teaching and less time administering
  • Set your own hours while you help students learn the subjects you love to teach
  • A love of learning
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Expertise in a variety of disciplines
  • Passion for helping others learn and succeed
  • Set your own rate (most tutors charge between $30-60/hour)
  • Commission fee is only 20-40% compared to the 60-80% that traditional tutoring companies take.
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