19-131 Maintenance Worker

Air Force Nonappropriated Fund (AFNAF) Services Career Program - Eielson AFB, AK

Full-time | Part-time
Maintenance Worker


SALARY: $ 17.57

LOCATION: Gold Rush Inn on Eielson AFB, AK



( ) Regular- Full-Time

( X ) Regular- Part-Time

( ) Flex


1. Plans the use of workers, equipment, materials, facilities, tool, etc., on a week-to-week basis. Plans self-help projects for lodging facilities. Adheres to work priorities and work sequences. Plans work assignments IAW methods and policies set by higher-level supervisors. Tracks and reports progress on work assignments, and request authority to use overtime, if needed. Coordinates work with supporting or related work functions controlled by other supervisors. Determines number and type of workers needed to accomplish specific projects. Redirects individual workers to accomplish unanticipated work. Provides input on initial planning of current and future lodging maintenance needs.

2. Provides technical direction and/or help in accomplishing difficult work steps and processes. Oversees work progress to meet scheduled deadlines. Inspects lodging facilities, rooms, common areas, grounds, equipment and tools to ensure proper maintenance. Repairs are accomplished and/or to identify minor plumbing and electrical discrepancies, sanitation problems or deteriorated paint surfaces. Reports any actual or potential work delays to supervisor. Investigates work related problems such as excessive costs to determine causes.

3. Assures safety and housekeeping practices are observed. Maintains work reports and records. Performs minor construction and repair on existing structures involving standard measurements, specifications, instructions, and basic shop mathematics. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of equipment to make sure they are in good mechanical and safe operating condition. Performs routine inspection and minor maintenance on lodging vehicles. Uses and maintains tools and equipment. Maintains bench stock levels of parts, materials, tools, and equipment at prescribed levels. Utilizes hand and power tools such as, drills, power saws, routers, standard hand tolls, straight edge, chalk line, tapes, rules, caulking items, pipe wrenches, rollers, putty knife, etc. Implements corrective actions within authority to resolve work problems. Recommends solutions to staffing problems, work operations, etc., as appropriate to other supervisors.

4. Supports and explains management programs to subordinates. Plans, establishes and schedules leave; sets performance standards; selects the most suitable applicants for vacancies, determines performance ratings and training need; and prepares and recommends disciplinary actions. Advises and counsels workers on how to improve their performance, and explains new work techniques. Investigates grievances and complaints; resolves them informally, notifying supervisors of those of sufficient importance or seriousness.

5. Performs minor construction and repair on existing structures involving standard measurements, specifications, instructions, and basic shop mathematics. Installs exterior and interior trim using preplanned materials, such as baseboards, and molding. Replaces broken or missing acoustical ceiling tile, broken door and window trim, window screens, stairway steps, wooden porches, door jambs, and other damaged wood components.


Must have general working knowledge of all aspects of building maintenance to include carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical and related trades. Must have working knowledge for repair and maintenance of equipment, to include power mowers, snow blowers, vacuum cleaners, and floor shampooers. Must be able to lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds and heavier with assistance. Must possess a valid state driver’s license and driving record. Must be 18 years of age. Must successfully complete a pre-employment physical. Supervisory experience in another lodging function such as housekeeping, logistics, etc., may be substituted for maintenance experience. Must be able to satisfactorily complete a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI). “This is a drug testing designated position. The incumbent is subject to random testing for drug use.”


If position is announced as Regular Full Time (RFT) or Regular Part Time (RPT) you will be eligible for annual leave, sick leave, retirement, 401(k), health and life insurance. If you are a civil service employee with DoD, you may be eligible to keep the current retirement. As a Nonappropriated Fund employee, you are eligible to use the fitness center, golf course, bowling center, clubs, swimming pools and other Force Support Squadron facilities.


Applicant’s claiming Military Spouse, Family Member, Transitional or Veteran’s Hiring Preference must submit required documents to be considered. Reference the Preferences Tab above for required documents. We are not responsible for employment ineligibilities based on missing information or lack of documentation.


1. Please ensure that your application/resume contains all the information requested in the vacancy announcement. If your resume or application does not provide all the information requested on this form and in the job vacancy announcement, you may lose consideration for the position.

2. All Federal NAF employees are required by PL 104-134 to have salary payments made by electronic funds transfer/direct deposit.

3. Internal NAF applicants pay may be set according to applicable pay setting rules.

4. For current appropriated fund (APF) employees, portability pay setting rules apply (REF: AFMAN 34-310, NAF Personnel Program Management and Administration Procedures, para For current nonappropriated fund (NAF) employees, pay setting rules apply (REF: AFMAN 34-310, NAF Personnel Program Management and Administration Procedures, Table 18).

5. “Any Individual who was required to register with Selective Service and who is not registered or knowingly and willfully did not register before the requirement terminated or became inapplicable, will not be appointed”.

  • All tentative selections will be made via email. Please make sure a valid email address is provided.*