Nurse Coordinator - Nursing Information Systems

The County of Santa Clara - Santa Clara Valley Medical Center - San Jose, CA

Full-time | Part-time

Under direction, to assess, plan, implement and evaluate education and to provide other health services for a specific patient population; to function as a consultant and educator to staff.

Vacancies are in the following areas,

1. Operating Room (1 vacancy): The Nurse Coordinator – Nursing Information Systems (Full Time) is responsible for coordinating information systems processes in the Operating Room at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Duties include policy and procedure development, validation of computer system data, development, provision and documentation of application training for OR and Perioperative Services Staff, report writing, billing and charging integrity, and participation in quality improvement activities.

2. TSS – Health System (5 vacancies): The HealthLink Nurse Coordinator works as part of the HealthLink (Epic) Electronic Health Record team to design, develop, implement, test, update, integrate, and maintain the configuration of the electronic health record system, do system setup analysis, complete upgrades, support operations during regulatory surveys, and assist with training as needed. Typically work at 2325 Enborg Lane, Suite T24, San Jose, CA95128 on a M-F business schedule. Occasional work at other hospital locations is possible.

3. Mother Baby Unit/O'Connor Hospital (1 vacancy): The Nurse Coordinator – Nursing Information Systems (Part-Time 0.9) is responsible for coordinating information systems processes in the Mother Baby Unit O'Connor Hospital. Duties include policy and procedure development, validation of computer system data, development, educational training for Mother Baby Unit, Labor and Delivery, Pediatric and Neonatal Staff, report writing, billing and charging integrity, and participation in quality improvement activities.

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Typical Tasks

Assesses the patients' clinical needs and staffing requirements for specialty area;

Analyzes and validates data taken from patient interviews; revises assessments based on patient behaviors;

Identifies common recurrent patient problems, symptoms and behavioral changes in relation to standards of care and individual patient needs;

Applies knowledge of a variety of conceptual models and previous clinical experience to patient care issues in order to consider alternatives that explain or predict present or potential patient problems and informs other medical staff as necessary;

Attempts to determine reasons for patient's compliance or non-compliance;

Establishes priorities for care based on nursing and medical diagnosis;

Cares for complex problems by either direct patient care or delegation of responsibility;

Uses evaluation data in collaboration with other health disciplines to influence the revision of the total patient care plan or program;

Coordinates patient flow to ensure efficiency and continuity of care within the Health and Hospital System and in the community;

Works closely with other health care providers and ancillary services to facilitate patient care;

Develops and maintains good relations with local groups, community agencies, nursing homes, private physicians, and funding agencies;

Collaborates with physicians and other health team members in assessing the physical, psycho-social and cultural needs and standards of care of the patient populations;

Develops specialized knowledge of the patient population and serves as a consultant for assessment and care of those patients;

Identifies educational needs of nursing staff related to specialty area;

Provides guidance for staff in planning patient care;

Develops and maintains policies and procedures;

Proposes, develops, implements, and monitors management information systems as related to the patients;

Involves patient, family and staff in education activities regarding recurrent health problems and health practices related to maintenance of wellness and prevention of disease;

Develops educational materials about the specialty area for staff, patients, families, and community members;

Evaluates and revises program goals, policies, procedures, standards and objectives as necessary;

Develops and monitors Program budget, including assessing staffing and other resource needs;

Participates in Quality Improvement activities;

May assist in the development and writing of grants and may monitor Federal and State grant resources;

May participate in conducting clinical research activities;

May assist with experimental protocols;

Utilizes the results of audit/quality improvement and/or research activities to improve patient care and as learning experiences for staff.

Employment Standards

Possession of the legal requirements to practice as a Registered Nurse as determined by the California Board of Registered Nursing and sufficient education and experience for a candidate to be able to demonstrate possession of the qualifications necessary to successfully perform the typical tasks noted above.

Experience Note: A candidate would typically acquire the education and experience necessary to successfully perform at this level by having graduated from a four year college or university with a BSN. Possession of a Master's Degree (MSN) is desirable. A qualified applicant would typically possess three years of clinical experience in the specialty area.