Purchasing and Inventory Control Coordinator - Part-Time 1st Shift

Florida Presbyterian Homes - Lakeland, FL3.9

Purpose of this position:
The primary purpose of this position is to manage supplies and equipment for Nursing (ALF/Health Center) while maintaining budget, appropriate inventory controls and par levels.

Position Requirements:
High School diploma, or its equivalent

Excellent communication skills, planning and organizing, purchasing and inventory, moderate experience with Word, Outlook and strong with Excel an ability to adapt to new electronic systems

Min. of 2 years of related experience in purchasing/receiving and inventory control.

Performance Standards:
Technical Functions:
Maintains appropriate inventory and par levels for all supplies and equipment for nursing/ALF. Orders office supplies for all FPH clerical needs and collaborates with suppliers and vendors for procurement. Works collaboratively with directors to maintain budget, ensure efficiency and costs savings. Continually explores current trends, new products and regulations.
Collaborates with O2 supplies vendor and other vendors.
Maintains hurricane supplies stock and rotation to ensure adequate supply at all times.
Maintains security of the central supply room and storage facilities.
Manages the organization of central supply and stores equipment and supplies by category.
Follow instructions for proper storage of supplies and proper dates, rotate stock according to facility standards and or (FIFO)
Verify, code and forward all invoices generate by this position to directors for prompt approval and payment. Understands and maintains all records for charges and forwards to accounting by the end of the month for billing and inventory.
Conducts a daily inventory of supplies, equipment and maintains par levels on all supply rooms and medication rooms on the nursing units. Maintains organization and order of all supply and medication rooms on each unit. Manages and maintains an electronic scanning system for all supply and medication rooms on each unit daily.
Accepts deliveries from vendors, suppliers and reconciles packing slips. Delivers stock to appropriate locations daily and as needed. Collaborates with part B vendors. Coordinates with nursing staff for resident/guest specific supply needs.

Customer Service:
Achieves a high level of resident satisfaction.
Contributes to a high level of teamwork and team member satisfaction
Contributes to a high level of satisfaction with other internal and external customers.
Promote the Homes’ mission and vision. Helps maintain a good public relations program that serves the best interest of the community.

Safety, Equipment, and Supplies:
Is aware of and embraces FPH and department’s safety policies and procedures. Takes appropriate precautions and uses safety equipment, when performing tasks requiring such.
  • Obtains and maintains SDS records. Management of Bio-hazard waste transporter manifests. Maintaining OSHA standards for needleless systems.
  • Is aware of and understands safety risks and helps coworkers work safely.
  • Ensures that flammable/combustible supplies are stored appropriately per state and federal regulations.
Continuing Education:
Participate in activities that achieve the previous year’s development plan.
Promptly attends and participates in annual training, mandatory meetings, hazardous communication, universal precaution and hurricane preparedness and other required training programs.
Evaluates performance against expectations and adjusts for improvements.
Attend and maintain current CPR/First Aid and Security certifications.

Core Competencies:
Behaviors demonstrate an understanding of the needs of our residents, accompanied by a desire to help; strives for high levels of resident and customer satisfaction so that resident and customer expectations are exceeded while maintaining privacy and confidentiality as required by HIPAA guidelines.
Demonstrates appropriate behaviors that focus and improve on teamwork and employee satisfaction so that voluntary employee turnover is reduced – includes (but not limited to) assisting in the orientation of new team members/employees; collaborates with other team members/employees.
Consistently demonstrates efficient use of all FPH’s resources and actively participates in activities that promote stewardship; respect for facilities and equipment, management of supply expenses, improved product utilization, product safety, labor cost management, and process improvement so that the Homes quality and financial goals are met.
Consistently reports for work on time, rarely absent, has a positive attitude, cooperate with staff and residents and respects the dignity of all.
With supervisor, develops a personal development plan (see below) at annual evaluation date so that opportunities for improvement are identified. Documents continued progress toward identified goals.

Part-time (7:00 am - 11:00 am)

Located in Lakeland, Florida Presbyterian Homes is a 68 bed, Joint Commission accredited nursing care center and 45 bed ALF. The nursing center has 34 beds dedicated to post-acute rehabilitation and 34 beds dedicated to long-term care. We are a single campus, continuing care retirement community that serves 325 residents.

Salary to be discussed at interview