Technical Writer

Publishing Company - California


Computer programming writer

In this unique job, you will use your writing and programming skills to develop books and training materials for programmers.

About our company

Since 1974, we have been writing and publishing what many people think are the best books for programmer training. That’s why our books and training materials have been used by thousands of programmers for professional development. And that’s why more than 300 colleges and universities use our books as their textbooks.

Today, we’re still a small company with just 10 employees in Fresno and a few authors in distant cities. But we take great pride in continuing to write and publish the best programming books in the industry.

About this job

On this job, you will use your writing and programming skills to help us develop new books and instructional materials as well as revised editions of our current books. Along the way, you will raise your writing skills to a new level of expertise as you learn our tested writing methods. You will also master the programming subjects in the books you'll be working on.

Once you’re trained, this job can expand in several directions. For instance, you can develop marketing materials, website copy, or eLearning courses. That’s because writing, programming, and teaching are the basis for everything we do.

Who we’re looking for

To do this job, you need three qualities:

  • You need to write well because this is first and foremost a writing job.
  • You need to have some programming aptitude or experience so you can understand the subjects that you'll be writing about.
  • You need to like to work on your own because that’s what you’ll be doing most of the time.

To say this another way, what’s most important is that you’re smart, articulate, like to write, like to program, and like to learn.

How to apply for this job

Send us your resume with an email that tells us why you might be the right person for this job. The salary is open and based on your experience. And thanks for your interest!

Job Type: Full-time