Client Outreach Representative

The Branding Folk, LLC - Nashville, TN

Full-time | Part-time | Contract | Commission

The Branding Folk( a full-service branding company. We are seeking motivated and socially skilled Client Outreach Representativesto acquire new client bases for our company. This is a commission based, independent contractor job that pays 20% of each contract earned and completed. For Example, if you closed a website for $5,000 net, you would receive $1,000 for that sale.

We have the ability in-house to provide any and all needs for any potential client.

Needs such as but not limited to - Websites, Marketing (Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, etc.), Graphic Design (Logos, T-Shirt Designs, E-Mail Templates, Etc.), Complete Social Media setup, SEO & Copy, and even full-fledged fulfillment options via our warehouse in Chattanooga, TN. You name it in branding, we do it.

The Branding Folkprimarily uses Google, Shopify, Wix, Magento, Lightspeed, Wordpress, and/or Squarespacefor building websites. These are just the tools our development teams use, Client Outreach Representativesaren't expected to be knowledgable in these fields other than being able to convey we use them as our primary building blocks.

The Client Outreach Representativesjob (the job in this listing) will be primarily gathering new clients for The Branding Folk. The goal is to better businesses old and new by bringing them further into the digital age. You will be offering all of the services listed above and you should be adept at understanding your client's needs and realizing what we may be able to provide them. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same needs as far as marketing or branding may go, it could be something as small as an email chain, or a new logo, alternatively, it could be something as large as a new website.

Everything you sell to a potential client, you will receive a 20% (net) of. That means if you close a contract for a website and a contract for marketing, you receive a 20% net of each sale.* For Example, if you closed a website for $5,000 net, you would receive $1,000 for that sale.*

Additionally, if you closed a marketing deal on the same website, you would receive 20% of the money The Branding Folkwould have earned on the said deal. For Example, if you closed a website for $5,000 net, you would receive $1,000 for that sale. Additionally, you closed the same company for a new logo for $1,000, you would receive an additional $200 totally $1,200 for the one client (who purchased a new website and new logo)

There is also ample room for bonuses.

Bonuses = 10 Services Sold in 1 Month(Additional 10% on all Services Sold That Month, For Example,if you sell 10 websites for 5,000 each, Instead of receiving $10,000 that month you would receive $15,000.) As you would have received a 30% total as opposed to 20% because of your performance boost.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Commission

Salary: $20,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year