Navy Exchange Service Command - Hagåtña, GU3.8

Performs a variety of clerical administrative and support functions related to retail operations.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Maintains daily logs on sales and payroll hours. Maintains running count on hours worked from time cards, and may extend and total time cards.

  • Prints and encodes Reports of Goods Received (RGR's) for daily deliveries. Prints and encodes Merchandise Transfers (MT's) as required.
  • Prints and encodes Retail Price Changes (RPC's). Maintains control on RPC's.
  • Logs and monitors Open Purchase Orders (OPO's) and receipts. Maintains controls on vendor appearances, frequency of orders placed, and in-stock position of applicable merchandise.
  • Assists in placing and tracking of Special Orders.
  • Assists in tracking advertised sale event merchandise. Uses ARMS and other programs to research.
  • Assists in Competitive Pricing Surveys.
  • Routes In-Store Processor (ISP) discrepancies to Data Processing for correction.
  • May operate a cash register if needed.
  • Makes and receives telephone calls to vendors and patrons. Answers inquiries from both as well as NEXCOM. Provides input for replies to supervisor.
  • Handles daily processing of mail and general paperwork as required.
  • Maintains cyclical reports, such as label maintenance reports as required.
  • Using ARMS terminals, assigns codes for individual locations on warehoused items. Maintains the files by location. Provides periodic updates to supervisor on status of individual assortments. Researches ARMS file for UPC, SCN, SKU information as needed.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned

Schedule: Full-Time (35 + hours)
Unposting Date: Nov 23, 2018, 10:59:00 PM