Community Support Specialist

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Essential Job Functions:
  • Complete Community Support assessment/Initial Discharge Planning Session and identify issues associated with, but not limited to, employment, education, healthcare, social connectedness, and criminal justice.
  • Complete regular communication with referral sources/guardians regarding progress, transition planning, and pertinent clinical issues and document.
  • Request correspondence from past treatment.
  • Participate in staffing to assure continuity of care.
  • Make or assist in outside referral of issues not able to be addressed in treatment.
  • Assist in scheduling of treatment and arranging transportation.
  • Initiate effort to contact and attempt to re-engage through notifying client/guardian/referral source of any absence within 48 hours, as noted in State Regulatory Standards.
  • Responsible for the continuous development and evolution of treatment plans in an individualized manner.
  • Represent the agency in a professional manner.
  • Ensure or assist in the referral for medical issues of clients.
  • Linking families with services in the community. Advocate on behalf of the family.
  • Assist client/family in transitional planning.
  • Correct any chart deficiencies within a timely manner.
  • Document all services provided in accordance with State Regulatory/CARF Standards.
  • Provide crisis intervention as necessary.
  • Adhere to weekly direct service expectations.
  • Facilitate group education as scheduled.
  • Obtain trainings to assist in professional development meeting 36 hours every 2 years.
Qualifications:Experience and Education Qualifications:
A mental health professional as defined in 9 CSR 10 – 7.140 (2) (QQ) (Missouri);
An individual with a bachelor’s degree in a human services field, which includes social work, psychology, nursing, education, criminal justice, recreational therapy, human development and family studies, counseling, child development, gerontology, sociology, human services, behavioral science and rehabilitation counseling;
An individual with any four year degree and two years of qualifying experience;
Any four year combination of higher education and qualifying experience, or
An individual with four years of qualifying experience.
Qualifying experience must include delivery of service to individuals with mental illness, substance abuse or developmental disabilities. Experience must include some combination of the following:

Providing one-on-one or group services with a rehabilitation/habilitation and recovery/resiliency focus;
Teaching and modeling for individuals how to cope and manage psychiatric, developmental or substance abuse issues while encouraging the use of natural resources;
Supporting efforts to find and maintain employment for individuals and/or to function appropriately in families, school and communities;
Assisted individuals to achieve the goals and objectives on their individualized treatment or person centered plans.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:Conditions of Employment:
Employment is conditional upon the receipt of appropriate background checks. Upon offer of employment, applicant must grant permission for Preferred Family Healthcare to verify accuracy, legitimacy, and results in regards to the following conditions of employment:
  • Adequate employment and/or personal reference checks
  • Degrees, transcripts, licenses, certifications, and/or other documents that verify the educational qualifications of the employee
  • Verification of eligibility to work in the United States (INS Form – I-9)
  • Missouri Employees: Family Care Safety Registry, which includes inquiries from the Missouri State Highway Patrol Criminal Records Division, Highway Patrol Sex Offender Registry, Department of Social Services Child Abuse/Neglect Records, Department of Health and Senior Services Employee . Disqualification List and the Department of Mental Health Employee Disqualification Registry. Kansas Employees: Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, Kansas Criminal (KBI)
  • Motor vehicle driving record
  • Verification that the employee is free of infectious and/or communicable diseases (CPRC/RCF)
  • Must be able to obtain driver’s license in state of residency meeting the requirements of that state to chauffeur or transport passengers. o For Missouri Residents: Holder of a Class E driver’s license, or Eligibility to obtain within 30 days following date of hire o Kansas Residents: Holder of a Kansas driver’s license, or Eligibility to obtain within 30 days following date of hire o Other States Residents: Holder of a Valid driver’s license meeting the eligibility guidelines to Chauffeur or Transport passengers, or Eligibility to obtain within 30 days following date of hire